Aldebaran (アルデバラン), commonly known as Al (アル) plays the role of Priscilla Barielle's knight. Though only having supporting roles in Arc 3 and Arc 5, he is said to be one of main supporting characters of Arc 7.

Introduced in Arc 3 as Priscilla's constantly abused knight, it is soon revealed that there might be more to him, following the revelation that, like Subaru, Al was summoned to the new world from Japan roughly 18 years ago. In Arc 5, his air of mystery only increases as he is revealed to have an ability similar to Subaru's Return by Death and is rather familiar with the Witch Cult and its members.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Aldebaran stood at five feet and eight inches tall, making him the same height as Subaru Natsuki. As a man from Japan, Al was likely of Asian ethnicity. When meeting Subaru for the first time, Al was pushing forty years old. Al's frame was stocky and his body was covered in thick bulging muscles that gave him an imposing impression. After an unfortunate incident in the Empire of Vollachia, Al lost his left forearm. Instead of resorting to a prosthetic limb, Al had the stub where his forearm used to be covered in bandages. There were various other scars scattered across his body, including a pair of claw-like marks on his right forearm and a vast assortment of scars on his face that left him disfigured.[1] His overall shabby look, including his clothes and unshaven legs, made him look like a bandit or some other kind of lowlife. It could be said that his appearance was the polar opposite of his mistress Priscilla Barielle's.

Every piece of clothing Aldebaran wore gave a slightly different impression. His ensemble consisted of a pair of green split-toe sandals with yellow buckles, sand-colored linen trousers, a bandage around his right wrist that matched the one that went around his missing limb, bandages of the same assortment that were rapped around his feet like socks, an open green linen vest with yellow lining and a hem of white fur, and a shabby yellow mantle that reached down to his hips. Additionally, he wore a brown belt with a golden buckle that had a collection of green pouches attached to it. Al's weapon of choice, a beautiful sword with a fat blade that resembled a Chinese crescent sword, was fastened in its sheath at the rear of the belt. Perhaps Al's defining physical quality was the pitch-black helmet he used to conceal his scarred face. The helm in question, in contrast to the rest of his clothing, was very refined and featured a plume of neat red hair as a crest.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Al has a frivolous and goofy personality, and having spent more than ten years in a different world, he was easily able to get along with Subaru. Despite being Priscilla's knight, he doesn't really recognize himself as one, seeing himself as her caretaker, while Priscilla herself sees him as a handyman and a jester to entertain her. He has no qualms about their relationship. He also brags that the only way he can fight is by outwitting people and catching them by surprise.

Although very skilled at fighting due to the time spent in Vollachia, Aldebaran does not like to make enemies, as he considers that taking care of them when a problem occurs requires a lot of work, but Priscilla doesn't seem to care about this.

Outwardly, Aldebaran was an overly friendly man who spoke pleasantly to most people he conversed with. He wasn't quick to anger, as he usually brushed off the insults of Priscilla and Natsuki Subaru without placing any kind of stock in them. Because of his light-hearted tone and friendly disposition, Al was a man who was easy to get along with even when taking his eccentric behaviour into consideration. However, his attitude also portrayed him as a childish man who needed to shape up and act his age. Despite happily wearing strange clothing that labelled Al as a suspicious character upon first sight, the man from another world did care somewhat about his appearance, as he demonstrated insecurity regarding his disfigured face several times. He adored the helmet that he wore on his head, as he felt that he wouldn't be able to have face-to-face conversations without it.

Despite his easy going attitude, Al is deeply affected by having a form of amnesia. Until he met Subaru he sometimes had episodes where he would think of himself as losing the plot due to the memories he had from Earth. It's unknown how Al's amnesia came to be.

History[edit | edit source]

Al was summoned to the different world roughly 18 years earlier. One time, he visited the Gladiator Island Ginunhive in the Vollachian Empire to learn how to fight and received a sword, however, while staying there, he lost his left arm in an unknown battle.[2] He spent nearly a decade there as a Sword Slave fighting in the Colosseum until one day one of the gaolers let him escape because they could see that his eyes were full of purpose,[3] unlike the other gladiators. To help him fund his journey out of Vollachia the gaoler gifted him his trademark black helmet which was made in the image of the helmet worn by one of the Colosseum's heroes.[4]

Sometime later, Al joined Priscilla's knight tournament, an event with around fifty people participating, but failed to win. However Priscilla decided to choose him as her knight instead of the top 4 contestants.

Al is apparently acquainted with a Sin Archbishop, as he told Capella that she was "considerably different from the Sin he knew".[5] He also is in some way acquainted with the Witch Cult and the Witches of Sin[6], as he knew that Typhon died in Priestella, where her remains resided, and he also knew about Gluttony's authority.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Unknown Ability: Al has some sort of ability which allows him to repeat a certain amount of time over and over again with other people being oblivious to its effects,[7] though sometimes his opponent can tell if he's returned,[8] and he himself refers to it as a bet. He used this ability to evade and/or test Capella's blood multiple times[9] to make sure he wouldn't get infected just by stepping in it and she noted that she didn't see him evading it at all. Al can only negate his or others' injuries or deaths while his ability is active, in addition to only working within a limited area, which he refers to as his territory. In one instance where he used his ability, it was described as twisting and wrenching of the space around him as it activated and filled the area up. The effect was likened to the kind of imbalance you'd see from looking at the world reflected through a bubble on the surface of some water, or from receiving an intervention from a supernatural being. 

Magic User: Al is able to use Earth Magic.

  • Dona (ドーナ): The user summons one earth wall, which is used as a defensive spell.
    • El Dona (エル・ドーナ): The user conjures a swarm of earth mana and pinpoints it at the body of a target, usually channeled through a medium, which then the effected area bursts into spikes from the inside out and expands outward.

Equipment: Al owns a weapon called the Blue Dragon Sword and wears a black helmet which he received when he was at the Gladiator Island Ginunhive. Priscilla asked him one time if the helmet was a replica of a helmet related to the Gladiator King and he confirmed it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the author, Al is involved with one of the three mysteries of Re:Zero, and revealing his circumstances would answer it.[10]
    • Also, Al is scheduled to be featured in Arc 7.[11]
  • Al's full name is Aldebaran, the brightest star in the Taurus constellation.
  • The reason why Al denies being a knight is because he absolutely hates knights.
  • On April 12, 2020, Al's voice actor Keiji Fujiwara passed away due to cancer.
  • Al stated he is fond of silver haired girls, just like Subaru.

References[edit | edit source]

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