Anastasia's Most Important Travelogue (アナスタシアの最優紀行記) is a shop exclusive limited edition short story. This was later adapted and included in the Re:Zero Ootsuka Shinichirou Art Works Re:BOX.


Julius and Anastasia are reading books in the library when suddenly Anastacia bursts out saying that she is tired of staying inside all day and wants to go for a walk with someone, Julius agrees to go out and accompany Anastacia. She and Julius tells to Mimi not to misbehave when they are out, Anastacia soon leaves to prepare herself and change her clothes while Julius and Mimi go to the living room and chit chat about how did the 3 cat twins grew up, Mimi saying that everything was thanks to her ancient master (which died in a cool way in her own words). Soon Anastacia returns in a lighter attire, but still oddly wearing her signature scarf, a fact Julius tries to ask and Anastacia dodges the subject, Julius suspects it is a powerful hidden meteor but chooses not to press matters further and goes out with Anastacia. Outside Anastacia discusses with an annoyed merchant selling appas for failing to attract costumers, buys some appas and reveals that her true reason for wanting to go out today was to get some steam off Julius, as he was very busy the entire day and she wanted to see him smile genuinely. Julius soon notices that the appas bought are far too green upon taking a bite and Anastacia relatively angry goes back to argue more with the merchant, while Julius laughs genuinely without Anastacia realizing that her plan of today was a success.




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