Anastasia's Moving Picture Scroll (アナスタシアの引っ越し絵巻) is a shop exclusive limited edition short story. This was later adapted and included in the Re:Zero Ootsuka Shinichirou Art Works Re:BOX.


Following her participation in the Royal Selection, Anastasia and members of the Fang of Iron, along with Julius and Joshua Juukulius, arrived in the Royal Capital so that they could relocate their base of operation there. Whilst they started to unpack their belongings and sort out the paperwork, Joshua struck a conversation with Anastasia.

He first asked Anastasia if she had any siblings, to which, Anastasia did not immediately reply. Julius admonished his younger brother for being nosy, but Anastasia didn't mind and subsequently told Joshua she had been an orphan as long as she could remember. She further told Joshua that she had chosen her own name.

Joshua was suspicious of Anastasia's true character, especially because she had gone and taken the name "Hoshin" as her own. Something which Anastasia was used to ever from her founding the Hoshin Company. Anastasia realized that Joshua was worried about the Juukulius family's involvement with her, especially because she employed demi-humans. Anastasia tried to assuage Joshua's worries by talking about race having nothing to do with merit. Anastasia stressed the importance of merit, and mentioned that when she sat on the throne, she would get people to accept her way of thinking.

When Joshua then questioned if she was seriously aiming for the throne, Anastasia realized that Joshua had been doubting her true intentions. With that, Anastasia decided to make a promise. She promised Joshua that she would seriously aim for the throne, giving it her all. Joshua replied saying that she may come to regret making such a rash promise, but Anastasia remained resolute. She mentioned she kept her promises until death no matter what they were, following the belief of the Kararagi nation that stated Hoshin of the Wastelands did too.

On hearing that promise, Julius bent a knee, overcome with emotion. He spoke out, once again admonishing his brother, but also stating that he was once again overcome with admiration for her.

Following this exchange, Anastasia thought that perhaps Joshua didn't really know much about the world Anastasia spent in, thus she offered him to come along for Daisukiyaki with everyone else once the paperwork was done. Joshua didn't reply and simply went and followed Tivey back to doing his paperwork. Julius apologized once again for his brother, saying his views were still narrow-minded, but Anastasia was not discouraged and mentioned that today would probably be the day one of his stubborn layers would be broken through. She concluded that Joshua would realize that one's race had nothing to do with anything in eating delicious food or having pleasant experiences. And that once he understood that, he would finally be able see them all as equals.




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