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The Anastasia Camp is a Royal Selection team that is led by Anastasia Hoshin.


Anastasia stated that she wants to be king because she's greedy. She wants the Kingdom so everyone can be in her possession.

Their noticeable achievements are helping with the extermination of the Hakugei, Julius Juukulius assisting with the extermination of the Sin Archbishop of Sloth, Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti. In addition to that, the Anastasia Camp also assisted with recapturing and protecting the Water Gate City of Priestella against the attack of the Witch Cult during the fifth arc.


Reisel offered Ricardo his help in exchange for Ricardo's strength whilst they worked as slave laborers in the mines, and that allowed Ricardo to escape from the beatings. Reisel organized a slave rebellion and both he, and other slaves escaped, however he did not invite Ricardo to it.

Ricardo was passing by down an alleyway, where he spotted four slave traders trying to capture a young girl with purple hair. He successfully prevented them from stealing her and killed all four of them. He decided that he would take her from the streets and get her a job. He secured her a job and the two of them had a last conversation before parting for a while. She pledged that she would remove his collar one day, which had been left as a reminder of what he had been.

Anastasia joined the Chude Group and Ricardo offered his services as a mercenary to him. Chuden accepted and hired Ricardo to work at the company as his personal bodyguard. He was given a new collar that marked his status as the "hound" of the company, though the collar had its control gem removed.

Anastasia was captured by a multi-armed man named Didorii and brought her to Razcrew planned to sell her on the slave markets in the north of Kararagi. However, his plan was thwarted by Anastasia, Mimi and Hetaro, and he ended up being enslaved himself. Ricardo, along with his mercenary group, ambushed the slave trading company and challenged Didorii to a one-on-one fight. He won the battle against Didorii and killed him.

Nine years before the story, Anastasia met with the Artificial Spirit Echidna and became her consultant because she was intrigued by her. Anastasia promised Roshi that if he dies, she'll take care of the Pearlbatons.

After Roshi's death in Mimi Pearlbaton's Bite of Love and Passion, Anastasia and Ricardo took care of the triplets and lived with them ever since.

Later on, she came to work for the Ryuushika Business Association, during which she voiced her opinion concerning a small business deal, earning her work. Eventually, she bought the company with her amassed wealth and renamed it into the Hoshin Trading Company. Looking to expand into the Lugnica market, she was in the middle of talks with the Juukulius family when it was discovered that she was eligible to participate in the Royal Selection.

During the meeting with the Juukulius family, she met her knight, Julius Juukulius and his brother Joshua.


Anastasia Camp