Echidna (Artificial Spirit)Edit

Anastasia met Echidna eleven years ago and Echidna became her consultant because she was intrigued by her. Echidna seems to care about Anastasia, as she possessed her body to protect her from danger in Priestella.

Julius JuukuliusEdit

Anastasia cares deeply about Julius. He serves as her knight and they have known each other for around 7 years already.

Ricardo WelkinEdit

Anastasia's relationship with Ricardo, and the association with the Fang of Iron, lasted more than 10 years. She has confidence in him, since he is the leader of the Fang of Iron, her personal Beast Human mercenary group. Ricardo also helped her take care of the Pearlbaton triplets. Out of all members of her camp, Ricardo is the only one that she can depend on.

Natsuki SubaruEdit

Anastasia had used Subaru to get information from him, which made him angry, but it also helped him by telling him some other things about the country's economy. Since Subaru had also obtained information, he did not hate her for as long as he did with Crusch and Priscilla. In spite of all that because of Subaru's respawning, he arranged an alliance with her, and attends at the parties she organizes like the party in Priestella.

Roy AlphardEdit

The author states that Anastasia hates Roy for cutting off Ricardo's arm and plans to get revenge for it.

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