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Arakiya (アラキア), also known as the Spirit Eater (精霊食らい), is a half demi-human dog-human girl and the 2nd ranking Divine General of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia.

Arakiya played an important role in Prisca Benedict's childhood, as she was the only person who Prisca would think of as a friend. At the end of Crimson Afterglow, she sacrificed herself so Prisca could live on. She survived and joined the newly-crowned 77th Emperor of Vollachia–Vincent Vollachia, shortly after being appointed as one of the Divine Generals of the Empire, currently being ranked the 2nd among them. She made her debut in Arc 7.


Arakiya has red eyes, uneven dog ears, wears only the minimum clothing that allows her to keep her modesty so to help her attract micro-spirits, and has short silver hair with one of her bangs being red, and two of her tufts being black. She also wears an ornate eye patch on her left eye and a sash-like decoration on her right hip.

Following her defeat in Guaral's city hall, Arakiya was cut down by Priscilla's Yang Sword Vollachia, leaving a nastily deep and cauterised scar spanning across the entirety of her back.


Arakiya was Prisca Benedict's most trusted ally and one could say she even was the Princess' best friend at the time. She loved her and swore her life to her, staying by her side and even saving her life more than once; the last time she did it, she payed with her left eye. She still thinks fondly of Priscilla, even to this day.


Arakiya grew up with Prisca Benedict and was her sworn sword before and during the Imperial Selection Ceremony.

During the battle of the Abellux Mansion–a fierce battle between Prisca Benedict & Lamia Godwin and Vincent Abellux–Arakiya fought against Chisha Gold, swiftly defeating and almost killing him. As Lamia tried to exploit the fact Priscilla and Vincent would inevitably duel, she set up a bombardment of the forest Prisca was located in. Arakiya had no other choice but to eat the Great Spirit of Earth and save everyone from certain death, though she almost died in the process.

In the months following the battle, Arakiya made a deal with Vincent, which gave her a chance to save Prisca from certain death by Vincent's hand. As Prisca received a bottle of sake mixed with poison, Arakiya drank half of it, which resulted in Prisca's life being saved, however, Arakiya herself lost vision in her left eye. Upon waking up in the Crystal Palace, she was greeted by Cecilus Segmunt and Chisha Gold, who explained her situation and notified her of Vincent's request for her to join his ranks.

Some time after a final chance meeting with her princess before, Arakiya reported of Priscilla's supposed death, and she eventually received the title of the 2nd Class Divine General–the 2nd strongest person in the Empire, falling behind only the Blue Lightning himself.


Spirit Eating: Arakiya has the power to eat spirits, assimilate her body with them and use their powers as her own without needing to form a contract with them. By eating a Water micro-spirit, for example, she's described as almost becoming one with water, allowing her to swim past Demon Beasts residing in the waters, undetected. Her power is so strong that it even allowed her to take in one of the Four Great Spirits' power without losing her sanity. Arakiya is able to use other spirits' powers until she completely digests them, and it is unknown what happens to spirits, after she eats them. Furthermore, the firmer one's sense of self is, the better they are with their power. This ability does have a downside, however. If exposed to larger quantities of mana, Arakiya will become confused and eventually sick, as she starts experiencing symptoms of mana poisoning. This trick was used against her at the Battle of Guaral, when Vincent flooded the entire room with mana, confusing her and allowing Al to hold his own against her. This ability was originally a secret technique wielded by unnamed tribes living on the frontier of the Empire, but were wiped out due to the ability's potential. Currently, Arakiya is the only known spirit eater.

Unknown Ability: Arakiya can mask her presence by diving into the shadows. The process which she does this by is unknown.

Equipment: Arakiya carries a tri-pronged wand with her to help channel her magic.


  • Arakiya owns a private plot of land somewhere near the Imperial Capital, where she currently resides. Furthermore, it's been stated that Cecilus Segmunt also resides on her land, though not in the same building as her; he lives close-by in a rundown shack.
  • Arakiya's goal to become the 1st ranking Divine General results in her actively trying to attack and kill Cecilus, though to no avail as Cecilus always outmatches her.