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The Everlasting Contract (永遠の契約, Eien no Keiyaku) is the fourth arc of the Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series, preceded by the Return to the Capital City Arc and followed by the Stars That Engrave History Arc. Arc 4 consists of six light novel volumes, an upcoming manga with art made by Atri Haruno and Yu Aikawa, and is currently the longest arc.


Subaru is broken by the loss of Rem. Later, he and Emilia arrive at the Sanctuary to bring back the villagers of Irlam Village. However, a badly wounded Roswaal instructs the two of them to carry out the Trials of the Sanctuary, with the examiner of the Trials being the Witch of Greed, to liberate the Demi-Humans from the barrier. Unbeknownst to them, their journey starts to get complicated.


Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 10

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Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 11

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Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 12

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Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 13

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Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 14

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Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 15

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Adaptation Differences

Web Novel

Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 10

  • Prologue
    • A flash forward to Subaru's meeting with Echidna is added
  • Chapter 1
    • Due to the changes in Arc 3 Subaru is unaware if Beatrice remembers Rem, so he does not ask about her, but instead just asks about her relationship to Roswaal, hoping to learn about his intentions.
    • Although she still chooses to withhold information, Beatrice is a bit more helpful by giving Subaru a lead by telling him to head to the Sanctuary to find the answers to his questions.
    • Emilia talks to Frederica while this is happening to learn more about the sanctuary itself.
    • The sanctuary and the forest surrounding it now have names, "Sanctuary of Kremaldy" and the "Lost Forest of Kremaldy" respectively.
  • Chapter 2
    • Subaru does not trick Otto into joining the camp and doesn't name him Internal Affairs Officer yet.
    • The Sanctuary's barrier gains additional lore due to some changes which now makes unauthorized entrants get lost to keep outsiders away from the settlement.
    • To circumvent this in the Light Novel, Frederica gives Emilia a Pyroxene mana crystal to let her in.
    • When entering the Sanctuary, the Pyroxene teleports Subaru near Echidna's grave where he meets a Lewes clone who seemingly guides him to the tomb. This leads to a few events being rearranged and the pacing is faster than in the Web Novel.
    • The exposition regarding Reid and Volcanica is removed, however Echidna still states her soul is being held captive in the tomb. Although she mentions the existence of the other witches Echidna leaves out that their souls also reside in the tomb as well.
    • The meeting with Minerva, Typhon and Sekhmet is entirely cut from here and instead moved to volume 11.
    • Because the above doesn’t happen, Subaru gets over his instinctual fear of Echidna instead due to the effect of her tea making the Sloth Witch Factors active. It also mentions that Factors allowed him some resistance to the miasma which is why he could enter the first time.
    • Subaru's reasoning for not asking Echidna about how to cure Rem's condition is directly clarified instead of needing to be inferred.
    • Subaru realizes that Garfiel and Frederica are related much faster.
  • Chapter 3
    • Suspicions are raised from everyone in the group towards Frederica after a discussion on the strange teleportation crystal given.
    • Roswaal notes that you don’t need the crystal to pass through the barrier.
    • In the Light Novel, Subaru meets Lewes Burma as the first Lewes Meyer copy.
    • Lewes reveals to Ram to be an elf, making her actually a half-elf. This fact was not known in the WN.
    • The anti-liberation faction is mentioned earlier, and Frederica is suspected by Ram to be working with them if not a member herself.
    • Emilia takes the lead in the 2nd half of the discussions with the Irlam villagers regarding their fates, improving their relationship with her for the first time.
  • Chapter 4
    • Because the POV does not leave Subaru, the Witch of Envy's appearance in his trial is not seen as result.
  • Chapter 5
    • Otto is not present during the meeting since logically he's still considered an outsider.
    • Roswaal suspiciously mentions invoking a contract offhandedly before Subaru leaves the discussion in anger.
    • Subaru hides the fact that he has the qualification to take the trials.
    • Garfiel makes his proposal to Subaru on the ride back to Irlam Village instead of the dawn of 3rd day, suggesting that he would agree to let the villagers go. He planned to talk to Subaru about taking the trial instead of Emilia.
    • Garfiel gives Subaru his pyroxene.

Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 11

  • Chapter 1
    • In the 2nd loop, this time Subaru decides to reveal he has the qualifications to take the trials. The scene proceeds much or less the same as the WN e.g Garfiel being against Subaru taking the trial only with Otto being present this time.
    • After the discussion is over before he meets with Roswaal later, Subaru strikes up a conversation with Garfiel and Lewes outside her house and to learn the reason they are against him taking the trial in Emilia's place. They outline their stakes in why Emilia must be the one to take the trial which continues the more overt political overtones like Subaru's conversation with Roswaal had in the first loop compared to the WN.
    • During his conversation with Roswaal, the later surprisingly asks about Wilhelm and the result of the White Whale subjugation. The small talk continues which contains much nuance and info, including referencing Julia although not by name, that only those who have read Ex 2 and know about Roswaal current circumstances would fully grasp. Subaru notices that his face conflicted and oddly emotional through the exchange and doesn't quite buy Roswaal's insistence that unlike previous generation he has no connection to Wilhelm, but lets matter drop when Roswaal changes the subject of the discussion.
    • Unlike in the WN, Subaru brings up the idea of freeing the villagers to take pressure off Emilia and discusses more about Frederica's motives. Roswaal agrees to support his idea and to convince Garf and Lewes about it on the condition that when he heads back to Irlam to tell the villagers their families are safe he brings along Ram with him for protection.
    • The next morning although clearly disgruntled, Ram leaves with Subaru on Patrasche. They have their normal back and forth until Subaru mentions the time he threw her. Ram has a strange reaction as if she some kind of headache and Subaru later decides to use this opportunity to talk about Rem.
  • Chapter 2
    • In this section while the scene's general follows the WN there are significant and numerous changes to the sequence of events and far more chaotic.
    • Subaru and Ram arrive at the village then head for mansion where they are greeted by Petra. She tells them Frederica is out in the woods so they go to see Rem. The scene in Rem's room is the same as the WN except after a moment a shocked Ram tells Subaru to leave so she can be alone with her. He obliges in hopes that some kind of emotional reaction will happen to restore her memories of Ram. He meets with Frederica in the hall and invites him for a chat and tea. The following scene similar to the WN, but instead of Subaru asking about her and Garf he brings up the incident with the pyroxene's teleportation after some probing. Frederica is baffled about that happening, but due to having taken a "pledge" (translated as "vow" in Yen Press' release) she cannot talk about the circumstances around it. Ram joins the conversation and aggressively demands that Frederica spills what she knows, even threatening to restrain and drag her to the Sanctuary to Subaru's shock raising the tension throughout the room. Surprisingly, Frederica says there no need for that and will come with them willingly.
    • Just when everything has seemingly calmed down, Elsa suddenly appears with Petra in toe, blade to her throat instead of alone in the hidden escape passageway like the WN.
    • Utterly terrified, Petra still manages to scream in audible horse whisper to "run" to the three of them. However Ram and Frederica seize the opportunity to attack Elsa, the later transforming her arms into bestial claws like Garfiel, rather than using knuckles as in WN. They managed to rescue Petra and after a bit of combat then escape the room whilst Subaru casts Shamak. Frederica breaks out of the window carrying everyone at the same time.
    • They land safely in courtyard however the group notices they did not escape without a scratch. Subaru and Frederica in particular, have numerous serious wounds from the fairly large skewers Elsa had thrown and hit them with under Shamak.
    • They come under the realization that Rem and Beatrice are still in the mansion and discuss their options. This leads to Subaru and Ram getting into an argument to which Frederica defuses.
    • Frederica suggests she will act as a decoy to distract Elsa while they go get Rem and Beatrice. She discards the rest of her ruined maid uniform undergoes full beastifcation, charging right back into floor they drop out of it.
    • The three head to the east wing and once there Subaru notices once again like in the last loop all the doors are open. Before they can deduce what is going on they are suddenly attacked by the demon beast Gulitylaw. An intense struggle ensues, Petra leads them into a nearby empty room dragging a near shellshocked Subaru followed by Ram slamming the door and barricading it. They have a brief conversation where try it get their wits together. They come to suspect that the beast tamer from demon beast incident is here. The respite is short as Gultiylaw almost smashes through the entire door like paper how it can't quite enter the room due it's size. Ram uses El Fura to blind it by cutting out the beast's eyes while Petra and Subaru escape out the window. Ram catches up and goes to fetch Patrasche from the stables. Petra removes the thick skewer in Subaru's shoulder ties her handkerchief on to his wound to stop the bleeding as much as possible while they talk about the situation. Subaru feeling down about how out of control the loop is cheered up a bit thanks to Petra's courage. Unfortunately, the rather sweet moment ends abruptly when she suddenly gets crushed by a Warpig and Subaru's vision goes red and blacks out.
    • Subaru returns to consciousness and remembers overhears Ram a bit and then finds himself being carried by Patrasche via mouth. She desperately running through the wooded area of compound with a horde of demon beasts at her heels. The Earth Dragon is quite wounded and at it's endurance is at its limit. Just as soon Subaru gets his bearing and identifies a strange weight in his hand they are attacked by the now blinded Gulitylaw who kills Patrasche in one blow.
    • Just before she dies however she throws Subaru into the 2nd floor of the east wing of the mansion,
    • Subaru comes through, but notices his terrible injuries, his crushed arm, twisted, broken leg and light headache from so much loss of blood that is barely abetting. Finally, he takes notices of Petra's arm in his hands and screams.
    • Elsa walks in the scene from there on is the same as the WN e.g heavy implication that Frederica is dead by showing her bloodied blade, trying to head Rem's room, but getting saved by Beatrice etc.
    • This sequence is also the same except for two things; Subaru tries to commit suicide by stabbing himself with a broken wooden chair leg instead of biting his tongue and falling unconscious. Beatrice saves him like in WN, by tackling him and wrestling the sake out of his hands here. She heals him a bit, until he notices the gospel and they have their emotional exchange until Subaru finally nears his limit from the huge loss of blood. Betty who to fixate on gospel and distraught doesn't notice it or Elsa stepping into the room. Subaru tries one last-ditch effort to stop her by grabbing her leg, but she slices off his arm the rest of his body, leading him to die here instead of being teleported randomly to Echidna's lab like in the WN.
  • Chapter 3
    • Felling betrayed and heartbroken by the events in the previous loop, Subaru returns once again, although unaware of the subtle changes occurring within himself due to his experiences, a lack of emotion.
    • Touching upon that further, the next scene switches to just after he's brought back Emilia to Lewes's house when Otto starts up a conversation regarding his fairly uncharacteristic behavior.
    • Subaru eventually brushes him off once Garf joins the conversation and ask Subaru to come with him.
    • In a new scene Garf guides Subaru through the woods until they meet with a white robed Lewes. They discuss about the Sanctuary's Barrier and a part of Frederica and Garf's heritage until Subaru once again reveals he has the qualifications to the trials and wants to take Emilia's place.
    • However it is then Garf pounces on Subaru and hoists him by his neck. The white Lewes reveals herself as "Lewes Cima (Ryuzu Shima in YP)". Garf then knockouts out Subaru through choking the air out of him and proceeds imprisons him much like in the WN.
    • The following the scene until Subaru's breakout with Otto is the same as the WN, expect it is here Garf reveals he can smell the witch's miasma on him and during his 3-day captivity he has a nightmare that recounts the deaths of people he cares about.
  • Chapter 4
    • When comes out of his confinement he notices the odd make of the building which description matches that Echidna's lab instead of a random shack in the woods that he was in the WN.
    • Opposed to the WN Ram isn't solely aiding Subaru on her own volition but on Roswaal's orders as well as, however enlisting Otto's help and drafting the plan to have Subaru escape the Sanctuary was still her idea. Because of this, he asks her to bring him to Roswaal which leads to a new scene.
    • Subaru asks about Beatrice's and Witch Cult's gospels. Roswaal provides the same exposition about them Beatrice would have in the WN. Additionally, he brings up the Book of Wisdom, marking this the first time it has come up in the narrative, while notably emitting a dark and cold feeling which chills Subaru not unlike when Wilhelm reaction to the news of the White Whale. Enough that when inquiring, Roswaal simply brushes him off returns to his normal state. Lastly he ends last parts of the conversation by telling Subaru to tell Beatrice he is "That Person" and he would gain her cooperation
    • The chapter returns to the escape and Subaru meets up Ram, Otto and Part. Garf appears and the scene goes the same as in the WN does except without POV switch to Ram after Subaru and Otto bolt leaving her and Garf confrontation off-screen which likely have changed a bit now due to Roswaal's involvement.
    • Irlam villagers have greater involvement here now, because they aren't escaping with Subaru themselves but aiding his own escape.
    • As Subaru nears the entrance of the barrier Garfiel, now in tiger form, appears with an exploding shockwave. Subaru pleas with him to spare the villagers and take his life instead. Otto is killed taken the blow aimed Subaru instead like in the WN, but his emotional reaction doesn't trigger Unseen Hands here. The villagers attempt aid Subaru, but Garfiel easily slaughters them while a half-dead Patrasche appears from behind Subaru grabs him and runs away.
    • Tiger Garfiel gives chase and it's speed proves to be superior to the Earth Dragon. Using the last reserves of her strength Patrasche once toss Subaru to the barrier before being ripped in half, however as soon as Subaru pass through it Frederica's pyroxene glows and for the 2nd time he is teleported, instead of being knocked out like in the WN after landing somewhere in the forest.
    • Subaru winds up back in the Sanctuary, but it's in Echidna's lab. Frustrated and at a loss he throws away the pyroxene. Subaru his way to the entrance of the facility when he discovers that not only is it the morning of the fourth day but everything is covered in snow.
    • He reaches the Sanctuary again after some time, but can't find a single soul like in the WN. Subaru then encounters the Great Rabbit and is devoured.
  • Chapter 5
    • Because Roswaal had done so earlier, Echidna does not mention the Book of Wisdom. Instead Subaru deduces she knows about RBD because she can see his memories which she admits afterwards
    • Echidna's circumstances with Volcanica that was removed from the first trial are mentioned here
    • Additionally she mentions her body was destroyed. Whether this is metaphorical or literal is not known
    • Typhon and Minerva scenes which introduce them are also moved here from the first Tea-party. Sekhmet’s remains cut
    • The damage wrought by Typhon to Subaru is much more severe here as his spiritual body begins breaking apart with cracks and fissures opening all over it after Typhon destroys his legs and he falls to the ground
    • Daphne does not reveal her eye and cause Subaru to end up eating his own arm.
    • Because of the above Echidna’s inquiry about oddness of his reaction afterword is direct between him and Typhon instead
  • Chapter 6
    • A new scene with Roswaal happens in where he reveals his gospel during his cryptic monologue before he is eroded and devoured by the Witch of Envy’s shadows

Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 12

  • The Pyroxene Crystal is somehow to Lewes Meyer's crystal.
  • Meili shows up in person and her Demon Beasts kill Petra, Frederica and Rem, and probably the rest of the village too.
  • In the Web Novel, Meili did not have any last name. However, in the Light Novel, she's named Meili Portroute.
  • A flashback where Subaru, Wilhelm, and the entire expeditionary force was killed by Petelguese in Irlam Village, and Puck's battle against Petelguese, was cut because of the changes in volume 8 where did not happen.
  • Elsa's calls her regeneration a kind of "Blessing" (祝福), which she gained from someone malicious.
  • The reveal of Roswaal's gospel is moved to his confrontation of Subaru's "Redo" power.

Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 13

  • Chapter 1
    • The chapter covers the rest of the third tea party. Some dialogue at the beginning is rewritten.
    • The post-chapter 79 interlude is entirely cut.
  • Chapter 2
    • Most of Subaru's long monologue about his next step is cut, and the scene jumps almost immediately to the conversation with Roswaal, which begins the same but has major differences.
    • Roswaal spends less time talking about how useless Emilia is, instead his dialogue is more dedicated towards convincing Subaru to let go off her.
    • As the convincing fails, Roswaal basically confesses straight out that he is responsible for the mansion attack.
    • Instead of throwing threats at Roswaal like in the Web Novel, Subaru asks him to stop the attacks.
    • Roswaal has a new speech regarding that Ram and Subaru are his only hopes in this world, and that he sincerely believes in him.
  • Chapter 3
    • The bet between Roswaal and Subaru is changed, causing the contents to be changed as well.
    • Subaru and Roswaal don't sign a soul-binding contract regarding their failure conditions.
    • Subaru’s victory condition is changed from “I will get Garfiel on our side and make Emilia pass the trials” to “I will prevent the disasters at both the Sanctuary and the Mansion”
    • The time-limit for the snow-fall and mansion attack is in three days, instead of five.
    • As Subaru arrives at the lab, he meets Lewes Alma, and they talk about various things similar to the Web Novel(what Lewes knows about Roswaal’s plans, the clone system of Lewes’, how the whole “some people are against the Sanctuary’s liberation” was a lie, how Garf challenged the trial as a child, and was brought out by another Lewes, Garf’s mother, etc.) This replaces the scene of Subaru running around and talking to different Lewes in the Web Novel.
    • Beatrice's past at the Sanctuary and the attack of Hector are moved to the next volume.
    • There's a new scene where Subaru wants to talk about Emilia's trials with Puck. However, as he hadn't shown up, Subaru placed both his hands on Emilia's neck as if to strangle her, even apologizing afterward, but doesn't actually do it because he feels strange backlash emitting from the crystal in which Puck responds to Subaru from it.
    • The conversation between Puck and Subaru happens offscreen.
  • Chapter 4
    • There is a really short new scene added where Puck forces himself out of his crystal to say goodbye to Emilia.
    • There's a new scene added where Garfiel wakes up in the middle of the night, and talks to Lewes Cima about Emilia losing Puck.
    • Contrary to the Web Novel, Garfiel is completely away about Lewes Cima being different from the other three main Lewes Meyers.
    • When Garfiel reaches the lab, he meets Otto. After some talking, he punches Otto away and starts to leave, but on the way, he realizes that he lost his Pyroxene Crystal, which Otto Suwen stole from him.
    • There are added scenes from Garfiel's perspective, to make it easier to understand his thoughts and perspective compared to the Web Novel.
  • Chapter 5
    • The entire fight between Ram, Otto Suwen and Garfiel Tinsel, has been streamlined considerably from the Web Novel.
  • Chapter 6
    • Some additions/changes were made to Subaru’s inner monologue to clarify or add to his thoughts.
  • Chapter 7
    • The fight between Subaru and Garfiel has been slightly streamlined.
    • Subaru is direct to the point during the fight, and questions if Garfiel still hates that his mother abandoned him. Which caused Garfiel telling what happened to his mother.
  • Chapter 8
    • The conversation Emilia had with Roswaal after Subaru's fight with Garfiel is moved to volume 14
    • At Garfiel's trial, Echidna doesn't show up to talk to him, resulting in all the dialogue with her being cut, while the rest remained the same.
    • The conversations Emilia has with Ram and Otto before going to her trial are cut, but the one with Subaru is kept, and everything else is mostly the same up until Emilia meets Echidna and announces herself as a Witch while making a pose.

Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 14

  • Chapter 1
    • Emilia's pre-trial recollection scenes that were previously scattered through the last 3rd of Web Novel are combined and shown here.
    • Echidna describes the trial as a "physiological preparation"
    • Echidna has a somewhat surprised reaction to the seal.
    • Geuse and Fortuna have additional dialogue which mentions that once, a long time ago, Fortuna had a fever and Geuse nursed her back to health.
    • The surroundings of the seal are different from the Web Novel, it's now surrounded by white trees and looks like a sacred place.
  • Chapter 2
    • The flashback is significantly extended.
    • The Original Lewes Meyer was an apostle of greed. She was 12, and Roswaal who was 4 years older than her was 16.
    • Lewes considers Roswaal as her senpai, and she thinks that Beatrice and Roswaal are like a brother-sister relationship.
    • The original Roswaal's name was Roswaal A Mathers.
    • Hector gets a more descriptive appearance and his conversation with Echidna is also longer
    • The goodbye scene between Beatrice and Lewes mentions that the crystal contains a lot of Mana, and Beatrice brings up teaching Lewes to read and write.
  • Chapter 3
    • Pandora's line "For the fulfillment of cardinal desire of us witch cultists," is changed to "shall we steal the seal and the key? for the fulfillment..." making her goals more direct
    • The conversation between one of Gesue's finger and Arch has additional lines mainly about how there shouldn't be more than 7 witches and aside from the Witch of Envy who is sealed in a desert far from here are dead.
    • Child Emilia has a much clearer reason for heading into the inner forest where the seal is.
  • Chapter 4
    • Fortuna gives Emilia her hair ornament
    • The Light Novel mentions that during the time Emilia and Puck lived together in Elior Forest she would religiously polish and talk to ice statues without understanding the guilt that accompanied it until now
  • Chapter 5
    • Omega doesn't appear, but otherwise the conversation between Subaru, Otto and Garf is the same.
    • There is a slight rearrange and some different lines but the confrontation between Roswaal, Subaru and Garf is otherwise the same as the Web Novel.
    • There is a new scene where Subaru, Otto and Garf discuss what to do about the attack on the manor.
    • A scene is added where the villagers see Subaru, Otto and Garf off as they depart for manor which contains a lot of setup for the volume 15.
    • Subaru tosses the pyroxene Puck is in, to Ram instead of Garf giving an unnamed colorless crystal to Emilia.
  • Chapter 6
    • Emilia and Roswaal have their conversation from ch 114, which has some additions, but otherwise largely the same.
    • Roswaal and Ram have an additional conversation after Emilia leaves for her 2nd trial about his plans.
    • The previous skip scene where Ram made a deal Otto is recalled here via flashback with the conditions slightly changed.
    • 1) Slow down Garf but leave the final confrontation to her, 2) Tell Subaru to think of ways to cheer Emilia, 3) Don't tell Subaru why she is joining the gamble.
    • Ram tracks down Roswaal through her clairvoyance prepares to confront him and Puck emerges from the pyroxene to assist her for his own reasons relating all the way back to Bond of Ice.
  • Chapter 7


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