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The Corridor of Memories (記憶の回廊, Kioku no Kairo) is the sixth arc of the Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series, preceded by the Stars That Engrave History Arc. Arc 6 is currently being updated in the Web Novel, though Volume 21 was also released on September the 25th which started the Arc in the Light Novel as well.


Subaru leads a team to the Pleiades Watchtower to gain knowledge regarding how to fix the problems caused during the battle in Priestella. Once they finally arrive, Shaula tells them that to gain knowledge, they must complete the Trials corresponding to certain floors. However, in the process of doing so, enemies new and old appear.


Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 21

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Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 22

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Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 23

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Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 24

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Adaptation Differences

Web Novel

Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 21

  • Beatrice is explicitly shown to know that the Artificial Spirit Echidna has hijacked Anastasia's body due to Subaru telling her before they left Pristella in a Short Story.
  • Prologue
    • The conversation that takes place in Chapter 6 of the Web Novel where Julius talks about his position in the Juukulius family has been moved to the prologue.
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
    • The name of the Earth Dragon "Gyan" has been changed to "Josef" in the Light Novel.
    • The group spend more time in the Sand Dunes trying to find a way to break through the Sand Time with no success. In the Light Novel Ram ends up being quintessential in helping them break through the Sand Time. 
    • They spend several days trying to find a Demon Beast that passes through the Sand Time using Ram's clairvoyance with the aid of Meili to tell her the position of the Demon Beasts. But, due to their wavelengths mismatching, it takes her a lot of trial and error with no actual success. 
    • Eventually, after Anastasia spots one of the birds that is said to fly towards the tower, Ram successfully clairvoyances into one of the birds; this ends up helping them find a way to break through it.
  • Chapter 3
    • Before Subaru, Ram, Anastasia and Patrasche end up falling down to the underground area, Ram uses her clairvoyance ability and ends up linking with the Sage. She realises that the Sage was observing  Subaru, and when Subaru tries to get her to confirm that she'd linked up to the Sage, her ability recoils and blood starts streaming down her right eye socket. As Subaru tries to get her to stop using her Divine Protection, the world around them twists and breaks, causing the aforementioned four to sink down to the underground area.
  • Chapter 4
    • The loop where Subaru died to the Centaur in Chapter 13 was cut out of the Light Novel.
    • In the Light Novel, Subaru, Ram, Anastasia and Patrasche travel through the right path first. There are no mentions made about any of them having a bad feeling towards that path.
    • They eventually come across a huge giant iron wall barring their way. Ram and Anastasia recognise it as an iron wall, a huge clump of iron stopping their path, but Subaru immediately recognises it as a door. When Subaru touches it, the "door" vanishes and lets them pass. They come across three more of these doors. In total, three of them vanish when Subaru touches them. However, when he touches the fourth one, nothing happens. As a result of the influence of miasma, the group end up killing each other in a manner similar to Chapter 15 in the Web Novel following this. 
  • Chapter 5
    • During Subaru's first encounter with the Centaur Witchbeast, he runs across a Courtesan Bear that had ended up in the underground area. Before the Courtesan Bear can attack him, the Centaur Witchbeast makes its appearance, spearing the Courtesan Bear and incinerating it.
    • Subaru is quicker to come to a plan in the Light Novel on how to distract the Centaur. He quickly realises that the Centaur hadn't burnt him to a crisp along with the Courtesan Bear due to it using echolocation as its sense of sight. He uses his water flask, and then coins he was carrying to distract the Centaur away from him and the others until the Centaur detects them using the echo.
    • In the Light Novel the Centaur can form flaming weapons made of bone.
    • Subaru distracts the Centaur first using his water flask, and then coins from his wallet, whereas in the Web Novel he only used water flasks. 

Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 22

  • Chapter 1
    • Subaru infers that Merope could be the underground area, in contrast to the Web Novel where he just asks Shaula if it's the uttermost top floor. Shaula quickly shuts him out with a "No" in response as she did in the Web Novel.
    • Some dialogues have been shuffled around a bit from Chapter 20 and 21 in the Web Novel. 
    • Subaru notices the small points of red light in Shaula's eyes after he commands her to not harm them.
  • Chapter 2
    • Emilia's dialogue where she casually mentions that Shaula must have been small when Reid bullied her has been cut. As a result, so has Shaula's response where she mentions that her appearance hadn't changed since she'd been born. 
    • Beatrice points out Aegon Voller's book instead of Libre Fermi's. 
  • Chapter 3
    • Subaru mentioning he found another one of the Witch's book after Typhon's is cut, and as a result so is his conversation with Emilia where they talk about Sekhmet in Chapter 24 of the Web Novel. Minerva's Book of the Dead is moved to the interlude. 
    • The cut dialogue is replaced with a new scene of dialogue between Subaru and Meili. They start to talk to each other after searching for books, and Subaru, amongst other things, asks her for how long she's been an assassin for. Meili replies for about 5 or 6 years, and mentions a quick rundown of her childhood, about how she was abandoned as a child and raised by Demon Beasts.
    • Following that discussion Subaru asks her a "what if" question. He asks her if her parents' books were amongst the Books of the Dead, whether she would try and read them. Meili denies that she would, saying she has no interest in that, despite Subaru confirming that he would have helped her find out about them if she'd answered yes. 
    • Finally, Meili mentions that she doesn't have anyone she wants to read about (in the Books of the Dead) however she weakly trails those words off. Then, she jokingly questions whether Subaru's book would appear were he to suddenly die, saying she'd be interested in that, drawing indignation from Subaru. 
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
    • Shaula mentioning she eats Demon Beasts at the dining table is cut, and all resulting dialogue related to it.
  • Chapter 7
    • There are some modifications in the dialogue between Echidna and Subaru at the balcony to reflect on prior changes.
  • Interlude
    • The interlude is new, and simply just contains Minerva's Book of the Dead (unchanged from the Web Novel). 

Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 23

  • Chapter 1
    • A new conversation was added between Echidna and the others, where she explained who she was and what her relation was with Anastasia. This was because the others (bar Subaru and Beatrice) were not introduced to the concept of Anastasia having the Artificial Spirit Echidna with her. 
    • Echidna asking about the word "Parallel World" was cut, along with the resulting conversation.
    • Some conversations are cut after they finished searching the Taygeta Library, and the scene jumps to where Subaru was trying out his poses.
    • The part before Subaru plummets to his death, where he thinks what Emilia and such would think about finding his remains, has been cut.
  • Chapter 2
    • The Light Novel does not explicitly label the laughing one at the stairs as a "shadow" and instead opts to use the more metaphorical term of "death" to describe it.
    • From Chapter 2 onwards, several lines are emphasised in the narration with Katakana, such as when Subaru questions "Who are you" or when he realises that he must flee from Reid.
  • Chapter 3
    • The white light grazing Subaru's ear after the Sunamimizu was killed has been removed, and instead Subaru falls down because the ground had loosened due to the Sunamimizu.
    • It is made far more clearer in the Light Novel version that the miasma Subaru was smelling smelled foul, as well as its increasing odour each time he went through a door.
    • The scene in the Underground was changed to reflect Volume 21 adding multiple doors instead of the one in Chapter 41 of the Web Novel. Subaru successfully manages to get past four of the doors, however, the fifth one does not open for him. As a result, out of anger and the influence of the miasma, he bashes his head off the door multiple times until a white light wraps around him and teleports him back to the tower. 
    • Subaru does not go down to the Sixth Floor in the Light Novel version.
    • The reason Subaru sets out to murder everyone is emphasised as being anger, rather than fear, in the Light Novel version.
    • Subaru stabs Patrasche with a broken Knight's Sword he picked up from Julius' corpse.
  • Chapter 4
    • Subaru having an "arm-push" match with Emilia has been removed.
    • The conversation between Meili and Subaru in Chapter 43 is slightly changed, as Meili once again references back to the time where she was living with Demon Beasts in conversation with Subaru. Meili also mentions that Mama was strict and Elsa was disorganised, so as a result she ended up having to do a lot of the things. Regardless, the conversation still segues into Meili asking about what they talked about last night, with no further changes there.
    • Subaru decides to hide Meili's body using a white cloth in the room where she was murdered.
  • Interlude
  • Chapter 5
    • Instead of asking Shaula to explicitly search for Meili and help Emilia and the others, Subaru says he will rely on her on the matter of Meili. As a response, before giving him the Book of the Dead, Shaula whispers into his ear saying she "Understood loud and clear" and then leaves giving him the Book of the Dead as in the Web Novel leaving Subaru behind confused.
  • Chapter 6
    • Instead of the Tail detonating as in Chapter 53 of the Web Novel, the Light Novel has replaced it with the Scorpion's pincers detonating instead.


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