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The Land of the Wolves (狼の国, Ōkami no Kuni) is the seventh Arc of Re:Zero. It is preceded by the The Corridor of Memories. On the 5th of November, 2020, Tappei Nagatsuki concluded the long-lasting 6th arc and announced the seventh arc of the series Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu. The first chapter of the Arc 7 was released on the 21st of January, 2021. The Arc currently consists of sixty-six chapters and four light novel volumes.


After Subaru and co. successfully overcame the five obstacles in the Pleiades Watchtower, he, Rem and Louis find themselves teleported to the Empire of Vollachia and are now stranded in the middle of a large meadow, surrounded by vast forests with Rem unable to recognize herself, let alone Subaru. After an unfortunate turn of events, Rem and Louis run away, leaving Subaru with no other choice but to find them. During their frantic hide-and-seek through the Buddheim Jungle, however, the trio found themselves entangled in a deadly conflict between the 77th Emperor of the Vollachian Empire and the men sent out to take his head.


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Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 26[]

  • Prologue
    • The conversation and scenes with Volcanica that were left out of Volume 25 are shown here.

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  • Arc 7 is the first story arc that takes place outside of the Kingdom of Lugnica. More specifically, it is set in the southern Sacred Empire of Vollachia.
  • The Arc is said to center around the Priscilla Camp.
  • It features a rich cast of Vollachian characters, some of whom already made their appearance in the Ex 4 and Ex 5 spinoff volumes.
  • The title of the Arc is a direct reference to the Empire of Vollachia itself. Just like how the Dragon is the symbol of the Kingdom of Lugnica, the Wolf is the symbol of the Empire.
  • Garfiel is said to receive a "power buff" in Arc 7.
  • According to the author himself, Arc 7 will very likely feature his favorite chapter in the story.
  • The author stated that Arc 7 represents the around-halfway mark of the series.