Arrachia (アラキア) also known as the Spirit Eater (精霊食らい) is a half demi-human dog-human girl who was promoted to be one of Vollachia's Divine Generals.


Arrachia has red eyes, uneven dog ears, wears only the minimum clothing that allows her to keep her modesty so to help her attract micro-spirits, and has short silver hair with one of her bangs being red, and two of her tufts being black. She also wears an ornate eye patch on her left eye and a sash-like decoration on her right hip.


Arrachia grew up with Prisca Benedict and was her sworn sword during the Imperial Selection Ceremony. She ended up on Vincent Vollachia's side after she made a deal with him to fake Prisca's death. As a result of this plot she ended up losing vision in her left eye due to the effects of the poison she drank.


Equipment: Arrachia carries a tri-pronged wand with her to help channel her magic.

Spirit Eating: Arrachia has the power to eat spirits and use their powers as her own without needing to form a contract with them. Her power is so strong that it even allowed her to take in the Great Spirit Muspel's power without losing her sanity. 

Unknown Ability: Arrachia can mask her presence by diving into the shadows. The process which she does this by is unknown.


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