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Balleroy Temeglyph (バルロイ・テメグリフ) was a member of the Nine Divine Generals of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia who formerly held the 9th rank. He gave his life for the Empire so that the Emperor could accept a non-aggression pact with the Kingdom of Lugnica. He died after Julius Juukulius pierced the left side of his chest during their final duel.


Balleroy was a tall man with blackish brown hair. He had a pale complexion and droopy eyes. He wore a green shirt under the copper-plated armor, and brown gloves on his hands. He also wore black pants with four small bags around his hips and brown boots.


Balleroy was a calm, talkative and cheerful man, who took pride in his title as the "Nine". He spoke in a kansai dialect, which originates from Kararagi. Despite his appearing nature, however, Balleroy was cold and ruthless in a fight, not caring about who he was fighting against – men, women, children, elderly, if he was tasked with killing them, he'd have no problem doing so. Following the death of his brother-in-law Miles, Balleroy swore to take revenge on Reinhard van Astrea no matter what it would take. Sadly for him, however, he never had the chance to face off against the Sword Saint, as he was defeated and killed in a duel between him and Julius Juukulius, roughly four to five months before the start of the main story.


Before becoming a member of the Imperial Army, Balleroy and his brother-in-law Miles were both servants of Serena Dracroy. Some 7 years before the main story, Serena sent the both of them to the Pendleton Estate in order to invite Jorah Pendleton and his wife Priscilla Barielle to the Gladiator Island Ginunhive. While they were there, the sword slaves attempted to spark a revolution that would render the island independent from the mainland, which later ended up failing thanks to the intervention of the Imperial army. Serena, Priscilla, Jorah, Balleroy, and Miles then went back to the Pendleton mansion after this incident.

An unknown amount of time after this, Balleroy became a member of the Nine Divine Generals under Vincent Vollachia's rule as Emperor.

Roughly 4 to 5 months before the start of the main story, Reinhard van Astrea, Julius Juukulius, and Ferris escorted two members of the Sage Council on a diplomatic mission to the Empire in order to sign a non-aggression pact between the Kingdom and the Empire. After an unfortunate turn of events, Reinhard found himself standing in front of Balleroy's corpse and was subsequently labeled as guilty, leaving him no other choice but to escape, taking the Emperor as "hostage". After battling with numerous Vollachian figures, Vincent, Julius, Ferris, and Reinhard came to the conclusion that Balleroy was not actually dead but rather faked his own death in order to divert the attention to the three Royal Guards and seize the situation to get himself on the throne, alongside his co-conspirator Gramdart Holstoy. Before long, Julius and Balleroy entered a deadly duel which concluded with Balleroy's death.


Winged Dragon Rider: Balleroy was an expert Winged Dragon Rider who used that talent in conjunction with his magic for mobility. His dragon was named Carillon (カリヨン). Balleroy learned how to tame and fly Winged Dragons from Miles.[1][2]

Magic User (魔法使い Maho Tsukai): Balleroy was able to use both Yang and Wind magic. He was able to combine the two to camouflage himself[3] and use Yang magic to snipe his enemies from afar with invisible bullets. He could also change the speed of his bullets in order to launch sweeping attacks from several directions at once by himself. However, while camouflaging himself, he became unable to hear his surroundings[4].

Equipment: Balleroy wielded a long spear from the tip of which he was able to shoot colorless globes of light. The projectiles were simple spheres of mana, not imbued with any element.

  • Magical Sharpshooter: Balleroy was capable of casting and shooting magical bullets through the tip of his spear. The orbs were relatively big and completely colourless. He was capable of shooting them with extreme precision and immense speed, dispatching enemies with ease and deadly proficiency. Due to his ability to tame Winged Dragon and his deadly precision, Balleroy rose through the ranks and became the 9th Divine General, feared through the lands under the nickname Magical Sharpshooter.


  • Balleroy is the author's favourite member of the Empire of Vollachia as he finds him the most dashing and sexy guy.[5]


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