Balroy Temeglyph (バルロイ・テメグリフ) was once a member of the Nine Divine Generals of the Vollachia Empire who formerly held the ninth rank.


Balroy was a tall man with blackish brown hair. He had a pale complexion and droopy eyes. He wore a green shirt under the copper-plated armor, and brown gloves on his hands. He also wore black pants with four small bags around his hips and brown boots.


Balroy was sworn brothers with Miles and plotted to get revenge on Reinhard for killing him.


6 months ago, during the time when the whole Lugnician royal family died, one of the Nine God Generals, Balroy Temeglyph, planned a coup while Reinhard, Julius, and Ferris were in the country, who were there because the Emperor of Vollachia wanted to meet Reinhard. The three of them got involved with Balroy and Julius was accused of killing him, however they were able to prove his innocence by defeating the real culprit, Gramdart Holstoy.


Winged Dragon User: Balroy was able to tame winged dragons and was skilled at it. He used winged dragons in conjunction with his magic for mobility. His favorite winged dragon was named Kariyon (カリヨン). He learned how to use winged dragons from Miles.

Equipment: Balroy once wield a long spear.

Magic User: Balroy was able to use both Yang and Wind magic. He was able to combine the two to camouflage himself and use Yang magic to snipe his enemies from afar with invisible bullets. He could also change the speed of his bullets in order to launch sweeping attacks from several directions at once by himself. However, while camouflaging himself, he becomes unable to hear his surroundings.


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