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Beli Hainelga (ベリ・ハイネルガ) is one of the most fearsome serial killers from the Holy Empire of Gusteko. His gruesome reputation is second only to the Gut Hunter. Until the climax of Arc 6, his name and memories have been eaten by Lye Batenkaitos. Currently, his status remains unknown.


Beli was a large obese man with a long beard and ponytail.


Due to his reputation as one of the most feared serial killers from the Holy Kingdom, it can be deducted that Beli was a rather sadistic and disgusting person. Due to his only actual presence being through Lye and Louis using Solar and Lunar Eclipse, there are no concrete examples of Beli's personality.


Having been born with an extraordinary growth spurt, Beli Hainelga was blessed with physical predispositions which are impossible to be achieved by any normal human beings. Due to his inhuman strength and resistance to damage, he soon discovered joy in harming others and before long, he committed several heinous crimes, cementing him as one of the most fearsome serial killers from the Holy Kingdom of Gusteko, alongside Elsa Granhiert.

Some time before the events of Arc 6, his name and memories were eaten by the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony Lye Batenkaitos. Following the Sin Archbishop's death, it's unknown if he awoke from his vegetative state or not.


Carnivorous Beast: Due to Beli's extraordinary growth spurt, he was blessed with inhuman physical attributes. This ability allowed Beli to strengthen his body which gave him two advantages: he could withstand powerful attacks and strengthen his limbs to deliver devastating blows. This move was shown in Arc 6 when used by Lye Batenkaitos. With this ability, he was able take a hit from Emilia's ice spear and come out unscathed, and deliver a retaliating punch that was said to be as devastating as getting hit by a car.