• OnePieceNation

    Some Questions?

    November 14, 2018 by OnePieceNation

    First how do you guys feel about the Quartet series and a possible full on cinematic isekai universe.

    Secondly how does this series actually work, I mean there are manga, light novels and anime. From what I understand it was first a web series, then a light novel series, then the first arcs were made each in their own manga and then the anime started while the manga was still ongoing. And the anime ended somewhere near the end of the 9th light novels. Now my question is where does one buy/read these light novels (for all I could find is a text translation without pictures) and should one start at the beginning.

    Now some wikia related questions

    Thirdly why does only Subaru's page have a synopsis section and why does that synopsis section have …

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  • Gudaooo

    talk to me

    August 27, 2018 by Gudaooo


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  • XXxOriginalNamexXx

    sup guys

    July 25, 2018 by XXxOriginalNamexXx

    i want to ask some questions . i watched the anime but now idk where to begin with light novels. and btw what is the diference betwen light novels and manga? after the anime how he finaly meet the witches? he will come back to erath? at the final light novel he save stella? he will become  more stronger? thx for answers and sorry for mi bad english

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  • Sensei saitama

    This is just me saying, I just don't get why Emilia is such a hated character. Even though I personally think that Rem is better than Emilia, Emilia is a great character to me. It isn't like she did nothing for Subaru. Emilia helped him in the beginning and stayed by his she never violently killed Subaru, not even once!

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  • Standardname

    Image Dump!

    April 7, 2018 by Standardname

    You may have noticed that I just dumped a bunch of images, and be wondering why. Well, it just so happens that I got my hands on a nearly complete set of books, and decided I may as well upload them at original image quality since some here look like they were taken with screenshots, posted at small size, stretched for some inconceivable reason, or some other bothersome thing.

    Well, that's no longer an issue now. It's been corrected for the most part. However, I don't have volume 16. That's going to have to wait.

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  • Gracedharperd

    26 Questions

    September 25, 2017 by Gracedharperd

    This is a question list i found on Reddit. So i wanted to keep this Wikia alive and wanted to know everyone's opinion! (no need to tag spoilers)

    1. Favorite Character?
    2. Character Design you like the most?
    3. An event or scene that you would change?
    4. Which one of Subaru's deaths were the most painful to watch/read?
    5. The Royal Candidate you cheer for?
    6. Favorite Quote?
    7. A character you disliked at first but grew to love?
    8. A character you would like to know a lot more about?
    9. Your Ships?
    10. Your notps or ships that you don't understand?
    11. Favorite Cover Illustration from the novel?
    12. A character you despise or can't understand
    13. Favorite Sin Archbishop?
    14. Any theory you have
    15. Your thoughts on the (almost nonexistent lmao) fandom
    16. A character you want to see animated
    17. Art style you prefe…
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  • Crazy Suzy

    Since I have made a theory on each of the authorities origin, purposes and abilities in my last blog, I should focuse on the Authority of Envy this time, specifically on its abilities. Here it goes.

    Jealousy Inducement: Like the Authority of Wrath, Maybe one of the Authority of Envy's possible abilities is the the ability to induce massive amounts of jealousy on someone, to a point were the victim would want to kill and turn against the people they were made to be jealous of.

    Identity/Ability theift and usage: Like the Authority of Gluttony, Maybe one of the possible abilities is to steal any aspect of your victim ( name, memory, relationships, abilities, appearrence, intellegence, etc.) and use it to your advantage.

    Destruction Inducement: M…

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  • KasuraS

    I think there are some connections between Aldebaran and the Oni twin sisters. That's my theory :

    In the Arc 3, after Subaru was severely beaten by Priscilla, Al asked Rem (he named her Ram) to take care of Subaru. But Rem answered him she's not Ram but Rem and Ram is her sister's name. Then, Al questioned her if Ram was still alive. Rem approved (she thought he had already met her sister somewhere before).

    After learning that, he gonna fucking mad. In my opinion, he was persuaded she's dead, killed by him more exactly. And also, he lost his left arm and his face was burned during his fight against her. However, there is only one possibility they can fight each other. That means before Roswaal hired both twin sisters or rather during the Oni…

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  • Gracedharperd

    So this is my Theory behind every Sin arbishop. i know some may not even be possible... but oh well correct me if that is the case

    Ley Batenkaitos (gluttony (gourmet)) = (Look Louis)

    Roy Alphard (gluttony (bizarre eating)) = (Look Louis)

    Louis Arneb (gluttony (satiation)) = i think because he looks diffrent of the others Gluttony sin arbishops, he is a real person. because as you have seen with the White whales. The White Whale can clone himself but a little bit diffrent and way less stronger. so what if Louis is the Real one. and made 2 little buddies to help him eat people. could be possible right?

    Sirius (wrath) = MY theory is still that she is the dead aunt of Emilia. It is possible since the author has said that Fortuna has the same color…

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  • Crazy Suzy

    Ok, so for a while I have been coming up with thoughts about each of the authorities abilities, so this is just from the knowledge I have obtained from the info on this wiki, so here goes nothing!

    OK so I noticed that each authority of the original witch of sin has, represents the desire and what a person with each sin lacks for example: 

    Sloth: someone who is Slothful would want to be lazy and they lack activity, all spirituallly, emotionally, physically and mentally, and Sloths fulfillment is its own desire- being llazy in any way. This reflects itself in the version 2 of the Authority of Sloth, as the unseen hand allows to move things without doing anything and cause insanity on its target. So its possible that the original Sloth ability …

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  • TwilightKitsune

    Rem or Ram?

    December 23, 2016 by TwilightKitsune

    I pick Ram

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  • Viperys


    November 11, 2016 by Viperys

    There are several things we know about mana \ od. First is like a free energy which can be inhaled \ exhaled through the gate. The amount of second is decided at birth, and slowly vanishes until there is nothing left, BLAM, natural death. Mana amount one can manipulate (that's my wild guess) is related to od's pool - because Emilia is a half-elf, lives ridiculously long, has the biggest manapool of them all. Mana is not homogeneous and is split in six subcategories, two of them are pretty rare. They are water \ ground \ wind \ fire (ice as in absence of fire), yin (debuffs), yang (buffs). You weave spells by manipulating those elements, the harder the spell, the more complex the structure. You can actually invent new spells as long as you …

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  • Viperys

    Crack theory!

    What if Re:Zero's central theme is IMMORTALITY?

    Look at it this way: so far there were shown several people who can avoid death one way or another, and in the novels, several more were actively trying to do it. 

    Here's a list with users who bear different consequences for their different methods of preserving a pattern known as them.

    Subaru - endless loops of terror and suffering with the ability to redo future. I guess he will die once his time has come naturally.

    atella - sealed away in a shrine, unable to die, but somewhat still able to manifest in the real world.

    Felix - dude with a healing water magic so potent, he can even animate the dead, including himself.

    Reinhard - his blessing of eternal fuck you grants him a wish every …

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  • Vizard6991

    Constellations and Themes

    September 23, 2016 by Vizard6991

    Tappei Nagatsuki really seems to like his astronomy, since everyone related to the witches, or thought to be connected, at this point has a name referring to a constellation. For the Archbishops, their powers sometimes tend to deal with the classical mythology surrounding the stars. Starting from Arc 6, this is increasingly becoming a plot point, since Flugel's tower references astronomy lore that only someone from Subaru's world would understand. What does that mean for the future? Well I guess only the author and editor know right now.

    So why not, me as a fan, write down everything and leave it to you guys for more speculation. Some of these constellations, I have no idea what they represent. I'll leave the Witches of Sin and Subaru for a…

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  • Angelo Gabrini

    Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the series based on the comment sections. If you have any questions refer to this list first before commenting. More questions will be added if needed.

    Will there be a Season 2?: Maybe, if the studio decides to make it. This would also require more light novel content as the as of yet unreleased volume will be covered in the anime.

    Why are the other witches at the Sanctuary?: Prior to dying, Echidna collected the other witches' souls. After she died, Echidna's soul was sealed in the grave by Volcanica as a deterrent against Satella.

    Who attack Ram and Rem's village?: The Witch Cult. Who cut Ram's horn?: Some member of the Witch Cult.

    Is Elsa a Vampire?: Yes, Elsa is a Vampire.

    Why did Rosswal sa…

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  • WikiaRred


    July 15, 2016 by WikiaRred

    I've pre-ordered the light novel vols. #1 and #2, as well as manga #1.1

    I've also updated the English release dates of light novel #2 and manga #1.1

    The whole package costed me 47 USD includes shipping (I live in the Philippines), and will come around December 1-30, 2016.

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  • Angelo Gabrini

    Intent to Adopt

    April 10, 2016 by Angelo Gabrini

    I'm Angelo Gabrini and I intend to adopt this wiki as it's inactive. I have plenty of experience on wikia as I have been editing for nearly 5 years and am currently an admin and/or bureaucrat on 4 wikis: the Inazuma Eleven Wiki, the Danball Senki Wiki, the DanMachi Wiki, and the Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Wiki. As for the DanMachi and Asterisk wikis, I worked on them from when there was hardly any information on the wiki, and now they (especially the DanMachi Wiki) have a lot of information about their respective series. I am also fluent in speaking/reading Japanese

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