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Bordeaux Zellgef (ボルドー・ツェルゲフ) is a member of the Sage Council. It is later revealed that he is the founder and the former leader of the secret organization named Six Tongues.

Four decades before the start of the main story, Bordeaux fought in the Demi-Human War, acting as the Captain of the Zellgef Squadron. He formed a very unique relationship with Wilhelm, during the 2nd and 3rd Ex Volumes and in the Sword Demon Battle Ballad side story.


Bordeaux is an old bald man with wrinkles and big blue eyebrows. He wears a purple Sage Council dress with a long coat.

Four decades before the start of the main story, Bordeaux was a tall, muscular and somewhat frightening man, usually donned in heavy iron armour and wielding a massive battle axe. He had short and spiky light blue hair, and equally thick, blue eyebrows. His eyes radiated a strong fighting spirit.


He is an honest, frank and direct sage thus he does not hesitate to speak his mind. According to Marcus, he is well known for his Demi-Human prejudice in the Capital. In his younger days during the war when he was the captain of the Zellgef Squadron, he was a far more jovial person and did not have such a negative of view of demi-humans until an incident where a friend of his was killed changed his life, eroding away much of once free-spirited man and replacing with much more wary and stern figure..


Bordeaux participated in the Demi-Human War 40 years ago. Back then he was Wilhelm and Grimm's commanding officer who led them through many successful campaigns & battles. However at Battle of Aihiya Swamp, tragedy would strike Zellgef Squadron where most of its members would die including Pivot Arnancy and then resurrected as Corpse Soldiers to attack the remaining survivors by Sphinx. Bordeaux nearly half mad & in grief would be forced slaughter his old comrades putting hem to rest. It was then he would develop his prejudices toward demi-humans, viewing them as dishonorable cowards who wouldn't hesitate to even use the dead of both ally and foe alike for their gain.

Years later, he participated in the events against Stride Vollachia, after their triumph, Bordeaux retired from the army and stepped into the political world.

Sometime later, Bordeaux created the secret defense organization of Lugnica, with its top priority being the stability of the Kingdom.

During Ferris magic training days in the Capital, Bordeaux didn't like Ferris' presence in the training grounds initially, even suggesting to Fourier Lugnica for him to cut ties with the demi-human from the Argyles. Fourier took this opportunity to impose himself to Bordeaux, saying that he would choose those he would have ties with by himself and that Bordeaux should let go of his Demi-Human prejudice.


Military Prowess: In his younger days, Bordeaux was one of the strongest knights of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica, leading an elite squad named Zellgef Squadron, acting as its commander until he gave the command to Wilhelm van Astrea, in the months following the end of the Demi-Human War. Throughout the final two years of the war, Bordeaux lead the squadron into numerous battles, acting as the Sword Saint's support. His achievements with the squad elevated the squad above every other until it was regarded as the Kingdom's most elite group of knights.

Equipment: Bordeaux used a halberd when he was younger.


  • He keeps the broken monocle of Pivot on his desk as way of remembering the fallen vice captain and his sacrifice.