Bordeaux Zellgef (ボルドー・ツェルゲフ) is a member of the Sage Council. It is later revealed that he is the creator and the leader of the secret organization named the Six Tongues.


An old bald man with wrinkles and big blue eyebrows. He wears a purple Sage Council dress with a long coat.


He is an honest, frank and direct sage thus he does not hesitate to speak his mind.


Bordeaux participated in the Demi-Human war 40 years ago. Years later, he participated in the events against Stride Vollachia, after their triumph, Bordeaux retired from the army and stepped into the political world.

Sometime later, Bordeaux created the secret defense organization of Lugnica, with as top priority being the stability of the Kingdom.


Sword Skills: In his younger days, Bordeuax was a strong knight, and had considerable strength.


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