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This page is about the Sin Archbishop. For the Princess of Lugnica, see Emerada Lugnica.


Capella Emerada Lugnica (カペラ・エメラダ・ルグニカ) is a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, representing Lust. Debuting in Arc 5, she acted as one of the main antagonists of that arc alongside her fellow Sin Archbishops, turning innocent civilians into flies, chunks of meat, and dragons, forcing Subaru and others to travel to the Pleiades Watchtower in order to revert the damage done by Capella. She later fled Priestella after the Cult's defeat in Arc 5.

She is also known as Mother (母 Haha), the leader of the Assassin Organization that operates in all four countries. Due to her leadership of the aforementioned Assassin Organization, she can be noted as a minor overarching antagonist in Arc 1, Arc 2 and Arc 4 despite not making any appearances before Arc 5.


Because of her authority, Capella's actual form is unknown, though she has transformed into a giant black dragon with golden horns, a small girl, a well endowed woman, an honest looking village girl, a multitude of field mice, and an innocent looking young girl with a lewd smile.

In her most common form, Capella has short golden hair with a rose attached at the end of her ponytail. She wears revealing clothes, hot pants, leggings, a bikini and nothing more. She also has a yaeba that becomes prominent when she laughs. This form also has a great resemblance to other members of the Royal Family of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica. Lastly, just above her waist, two larger circular appendages can be seen sprouting out of her body. According to the series' main illustrator Shin'ichirō Ōtsuka's notes featured in Volume 17's additional illustrations page, those appendages help Capella adjust her mass when she's transforming, as well as make it look like her entire body is made out of liquid metal.[1]


Capella is considered to have the worst personality among the Sin Archbishops. She speaks in a way that sounds like she spits and tramples upon courtesy while having a cruel personality. She claims that all the love and respect in the world exists to be monopolized by her. Even among the Sin Archbishops famed for their vulgar personalities and irredeemable actions, Capella is considered a special brand of evil. Lust views people other than herself as mere bags of meat meant to operate as she deems fit. As she sees those around her as little more than animals, Capella cares not for the opinions and feelings of others nor whether or not her actions cause pain and suffering. She also revels in the pain of others, often cackling while bringing torment to other people.

Like the other Sin Archbishops, Capella has a lack of regard to the lives of others. She changes her appearances so that everyone would come to love her, plays with the dignity and values of people by changing their appearances, and spits her brand of ridicule to those who don't share all of her ideals. In regards to other members of the Witch Cult, she is shown to not think highly of her fellow Sin Archbishops, referring to them with degrading nicknames when not using their names.

Befitting her title as the bearer of the Lust Witch Factor, Capella is obsessed with the concept of love, feeling a great urge for every single person in the world to love her. Although, like everything about the Archbishop, Capella's idea of love is severely warped. She presents excessive pride in regards to herself, often citing herself as a kind woman whose beauty is compared to none.

As Mother of the Assassin Organization, Capella spends her days gathering brilliant and extraordinarily eccentric individuals who she refers to as her children–underlings who she uses for her own benefits and goals. According to both Elsa and Meili, Mother is extremely cruel and unforgivable as even the slightest mistake might result in harsh punishments, such as being temporarily morphed into countless frogs, being slaughtered, or simply getting turned into a shapeless pile of meat for all eternity. According to Capella, her children are individuals who will devote their bodies and souls to make her wishes come true and give her gifts beyond her wildest dreams, no matter the cost. By doing so, they will express their unbounded love for Capella–something she cherishes more than anything else in the world.


Currently, little is actually known about Capella's past, as her background is surrounded in mystery including how and when she became the Sin Archbishop of Lust. That being said, the author did once hint that Capella is hiding away deep trauma.[2]

Nine years before Natsuki Subaru's summoning, Capella, as the leader of the Assassin Organization, tasked a former slave named Reisel with retrieving an object relating to the legacy of the Witches. The object in question was a fox-like artificial spirit created by the Witch of Greed roughly four centuries prior. In order to help him complete his mission, Capella loaned him a magical artifact that would allow him to manipulate shadows in certain ways. However, Reisel's mission was ultimately thwarted and he was forced to destroy the artifact that Capella had given to him. Mother, in her usual ruthless fashion, decided to punish her failure of a subordinate, prunning him and turning him into a pile of meat without any shape or form.


Authority of Lust (色欲の権能 Shikiyoku no Ken'nō): Capella is able to use the Authority of Lust.

  • Variation and Change (変異と変貌 Hen'i to Henbō) Capella is shown to able to transform herself or others into various beings. Her self-transformations include modifying her body parts by adding wings or claws, or a strong black dragon. She has repeatedly shown to have transformed others into various animals such as flies, frogs, birds, beasts or even into unrecognizable lumps of flesh without any of the five senses or self-awareness by simply touching them with her hand. It's worth noting that when she transforms a single person into a group of animals, their consciousness splits and every animal shares the same mind. This ability can also be used as a way of healing herself by transforming damaged parts into uninjured parts, with Al mentioning that Capella was able to heal "after I cut her head off and crushed her heart", and any spare parts generated through healing dissolve on their own.
    • Black Flames: In her dragon transformation, Capella is capable of producing powerful jet black flames that consume everything and cannot be put out by water.
    • Dragon's Blood (龍の血 Ryū no chi): Capella possesses unique blood, which is, according to her, mixed with Dragon's Blood, which contains a great curse.[3] It is unknown whether the Dragon's Blood that runs through her veins is the same blood that's stored away in the Royal Castle. She is able to infect people with it, covering her targets with black veins and making them sick, as shown when she infected Crusch Karsten. However, different people react differently after being exposed to the blood. Some fall ill, like Crusch, some react just fine, like Subaru.


  • Witch Cult's Gospel (魔女教徒の福音): As a member of the Witch Cult, Capella is the owner of a copy of the Witch Cult Gospel. Each Witch Cult Gospel was a replica of the Book of Wisdom, a book that had been in the possession of the Witch of Greed Echidna. The Book of Wisdom would provide exact details of future events concerning the Witch of Greed, essentially bestowing Echidna with a form of precognition. Unlike the original Book of Wisdom, the Gospels of the Witch Cult were imperfect replicas, meaning that, although they detailed the future of its owner, the events conveyed were subject to change and the information provided was often up for interpretation. The Gospels took the form of small black books that could only be read by their owners.


  • Like the other Sin Archbishops (with the exception of Stride Vollachia), Lugnica received her namesake from a celestial body. Capella is the name of the brightest star in the Auriga constellation. In Latin and various other languages/cultures, the star Capella was known as the "little goat" or the "female goat".
  • When she assumes a different form, her "Gate" changes as well.
  • According to the author, Capella's clothing are actually transformations.
  • In Re:IF, Capella is mentioned within Reize's backstory, having poured something into Reize's body by which then gave her the ability to smell the witch's scent.
  • If Carmilla and Capella were to fight, Capella would lose; though the author stated it would be a really close fight.
  • Strangely enough, a Princess of Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica Emerada Lugnica also shares the same name as her, as well as a vile personality that's incidentally attributed to Emerada as well. Furthermore, Capella most often tends to take shape of a younger girl with gold hair and crimson red eyes, matching the characteristical physical attributes of the Lugnican Royal Family to a tee.


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