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Capella Emerada Lugnica (カペラ・エメラダ・ルグニカ) is a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, representing lust. She is also known as Mother who leads the Assassin Organization that operates in all four countries.


Because of her authority, Capella's actual form is unknown, though she has transformed into a giant black dragon with golden horns, a small girl, a well endowed woman, an honest looking village girl, a multitude of field mice, and an innocent looking young girl with a lewd smile.

In her most common form, Capella has short golden hair with a rose attached at the end of her ponytail. She wears revealing clothes, hot pants, leggings, a bikini and nothing more.


Capella is considered to be the worst personality wise within the Sin Archbishops. She speaks in a way that sounds like she spat and trampled upon courtesy, complete with a child like cruelty. She claims that all the love and respect in the world exists to be monopolized by her, changing her and others' appearances so that everyone would come to love her, making her a monster that plays with the dignity and values of people, all the while spitting her brand of ridicule. As other Witch Cultist, she is shown to not think highly of her fellow Sin Archbishops, referring to them with degrading nicknames when not using their names.


Nine years before the story started, Capella tasked Reisel to steal an item of the Witch's Legacy from a shipment of cargo. After Reisel's failure, she transformed him into something inhuman and thereby pruned him.


Authority of Lust (色欲の権能 Shikiyoku no Ken'nō): Capella is able to use the Authority of Lust.

  • Variation and Change (変異と変貌 Hen'i to Henbō) Capella was shown to able to transform herself or others into various beings. She was repeatedly shown to have transformed others into various animals such as flies, frogs, birds, beasts or straight up turn them into unrecognizable lumps of flesh without any of the five senses or self awareness, by simply touching her with her hand. It's worth noting that when she transforms a single person into a group of animals, their consciousness splits and every animal shares the same mind. This ability can also be used as a way of healing herself by transforming damaged parts into uninjured parts, with Al mentioning that Capella was able to heal "after I cut her head off and crushed her heart", and any spare parts generated through healing dissolve on their own.
    • Black Flames: In her dragon transformation, Capella is capable of producing powerful jet black fire that consumes everything and cannot be put out by water.

Black Dragon Blood: Capella is able to infect people with her dragon blood, covering her target with black veins and making them sick, as shown when she infected Crusch Karsten.


  • Capella's name is a reference to the star Capella, which is the brightest star in the Auriga constellation. The name derives from latin for "Little Goat".
  • When she assumes a different form her "gate" changes.
  • If Carmilla and Capella were to fight, Capella would lose; though the author stated it would be a really close fight.


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