Carmilla (カーミラ) is the Witch of Lust.


Carmilla has waist length light pink hair and a normal looking face that can be influenced by makeup. She also has a small chest, thin arms and legs, and constantly emits light for some reason, making her seem unfit to be the Witch of Lust.


Carmilla has no self confidence, is timid, and tends to have downcast eyes. Despite this, her similarity to a scared animal teases the emotions of others, making others become attracted to her otherwise unattractive body.


A long time ago, Carmilla was a normal girl who was loved by the people in her village, and even had a fiancé. However, one day a man of power came to the man and desired her. Angered by the man's actions, the villagers rose up in defiance and fought against him, eventually burning him down along with his mansion. The cities and villages around theirs began to regard them as dangerous, causing the fighting to spread, and soon their force was toppling countries, all the while claiming that it was for her sake. Carmilla began to be regarded as a heavenly maiden, nevertheless she didn't desire such a thing, and saw that they were being misled by their own fantasies and manipulated by their ideals. After they had toppled a large country, her fiancé proposed to her at the top of the castle, though she ignored him and left everything behind, despairing that what she had originally wanted no longer existed.


Authority of Lust (色欲の権能 Shikiyoku no Ken'nō): Carmilla is able to use the Authority of Lust.

  • Carmilla can captivate people, making them so absorbed in watching her that they wouldn't notice if someone stabbed them or if they were burning. She can also cause people to see and hear her as what they want to see and hear, such as when Subaru saw and heard her as Rem.


  • According to the author, Carmilla's birthday is June 19.
  • Carmilla's name refers to the 107 Camilla asteroid, one of the largest of the main belt asteroids. In Roman mythology, she was the daughter of King Metabus and Casmilla.


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