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Carol Fauzen (キャロル・ファウゼン), née Remendis (レメンディス) was the personal attendant of the late Theresia van Astrea and played an important role throughout the civil war that happened roughly 40 years before the events of the 1st arc. She is currently working as servant for the Astrea family alongside her husband Grimm Fauzen, often interracting with both Reinhard and Felt.


Carol was a beautiful young woman with medium length blonde hair and green eyes. When she was young, she wore a blue and white outfit along with black stockings and armor.


On the surface, she comes across as a "hardened" woman, with a straight-laced personality who rarely minces her words when she has something to say. However, Carol is more nuanced than that and has a softer side that reserved for this those who have earned her trust. Her fierce loyalty and personal affection Theresia can also sometimes overpower her normally rational sound judgements and reveal a more competitive childish characteristics, particular in presence of Wilhelm who stole her master's heart. Ultimately, she is a dutiful person who is considered highly dependable among friends and has a fierce loyalty to Theresia.


Carol was born as heir to House Remendis, a warrior class noble family of excellent swordsmen that had served House Astrea for generations. 2 years before the Demi-human War began in earnest when Theresia had awoken to the "Divine Protection of Sword Saint" at age 13, a 14 year Carol who had been quickly raising amongst the best and brightest of House Remendis' younger generation of swordsmen was assigned to be her personal attendant. Although the two's relationship had started off somewhat rough, after a "certain incident" they quickly grew to become the best of friends with Carol being the only person Theresia could truly confide her personal anxieties with.

Flash forward to 2 years later, due to Theresia's disposition and the failure of her first battle, for the next 3 years Carol would be working as her stand-in and assume her responsibilities such as being the personal guard of Roswaal J Mathers who she comes to develop a close relationship with. Also at this time, Carol would come to meet Wilhelm, Grimm and the rest of Zergrev Squadron whom she would be working with until the war's conclusion. While it would be a long time before she and Wilhelm began to see eye-to-eye, Carol on the other hand would befriend Grimm and both gradually come to fall for each other. Throughout the civil conflict, Carol would mainly act as Julia's support and never under the direct command of the Zergev Squadron as she was not part of military. Nevertheless, Carol fought in the majority of key battles in the war the group like that of the "Battle of Aihiya Swamp" and "Battle of Luginica Castle", the later in which she dealt a serve blow to Sphinx, one of the Demi-human Alliance leaders by cutting off her arm which would lead to a key victory there.


Remendis Style Swordsmanship: An air-to-air aerial combat sword-style in which Carol can change her trajectory and direction in mid-air to strike opponents in difficult to defend angles at high speeds.