Theresia van AstreaEdit

The House of Remendis had served the House of the Sword Saints for generations. Carol first met Theresia since she was fourteen and she asked Theresia that she wants to take lessons from her, but she rejected the offer. She conducted an incident that would test her swordsmanship, but Theresia hit her before she gets the chance. She learned about her ability and she respected her as her assistant. Carol is described to hold deep admiration and love for Theresia, going out of her way to make sure she is there to protect her. 

Grimm FauzenEdit

Husband of Carol and currently a servant in the Astrea mansion. Carol and Grimm met each other when they served in the demihuman war. Carol ended up falling in love with him, and they married after the events of Picoutatte in the Sword Demon's Battle Ballad. 

Roswaal J. MathersEdit

Carol thinks of Roswaal J. Mathers (Julia) as a dear friend. They spent a lot of time together during the demihuman war as she served as her escort. Carol was extremely respectful towards her, and felt deep anguish when Julia sacrificed herself to save Carol's life. To the end, Carol thought of her as a beloved friend and mourned her death.  

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