Carol Fauzen (キャロル・ファウゼン), née Remendis (レメンディス) is a former bodyguard and currently a servant of the Astrea Family.


Carol is a beautiful woman with medium length blonde hair and green eyes. When she was young, she wore a blue and white outfit along with black leggings and armor.


Carol was a friend of Theresia from the age of fourteen and requested lessons from the Sword Saint, but her request was rejected. She formed a plan to confront her, but Carol ended up defeated, causing Carol to follow her and grow respect towards her.

She eventually came in contact with the Roswaal family during the Demi-Human war, and became Roswaal J Mathers' bodyguard, and even participated in the battles of the war. Sometime after the war, she married to Grimm Fauzen, quit the bodyguard job, and started serving the Astrea House.


Sword Skills: Carol is skilled enough to serve as Theresia's follower and Roswaal's bodyguard.

Unknown Ability: Carol is able to change directions midair by kicking.


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