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Chap (チャップ) was a member of Ganak's underworld until he was abandoned by the organization he was a part of.


Chap was a man with an unshaven face, and a hoarse voice. After his first encounter with Emilia and Puck, the right side of his face ended up being marred by multiple wounds which he covered with bandages. He also lost his right ear. His post battle wounds were cut out of the anime.


Seven years ago, Chap secretly entered Elior Forest and tried to transport jars filled with a green liquid but was stopped by Emilia. Holding a grudge against her for it, he tried to capture her by holding the villagers hostage and by using the Demon Beast Orthrus; however his plan failed when his fight against Emilia spilled into the territory of the Demon Beast, Snow Blight. He was later abandoned by the organization he was a part of after Puck came to terms with his superior.

In a fit of anger, Chap formed a contract with Melakuera to get revenge against Emilia, resulting in him being possessed by the great spirit. Though this contract bestowed great power to him, he was eventually consumed by Melakuera and thus killed by Puck.