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Chisha Gold (チシャ・ゴールド), also known as the White Spider (白蜘蛛), is the 4th ranking Divine General of the Vollachia Empire and the Ambassador of Vollachia. He also acted as His Majesty Vincent Vollachia's decoy, while the latter was still an Emperor. Chisha played a rather important role in Re:Zero Ex Light Novel Volume 4 and in Re:Zero Ex Light Novel Volume 5, aiding the Emperor with the best of his abilities.

Though not yet introducing himself in the main story, Chisha Gold has debuted in Arc 7 as Vincent's body double, and is currently situated in the Demon City of Chaosflame, embodying the Emperor[1] and being escorted by his Stargazer, 3rd ranking Divine General and a Second-Class General.


Chisha Gold is a tall, lean man with relatively long snow-white hair with the tips of his bangs being purple in colour. His extremely pale complexion makes Chisha give off an impression as if all the colour drained from him. He's also noted to emit an aura of not entirely being present in the room. His almond yellow eyes have a decorative purple tear-drop at the outer side of each of his eyes which give off an air of mystery which befits the Divine General rather well. He's dressed in a long white coat that covers his body in its entirety. The coat has a rather high white collar and what appear to be 6 purple-colored gems at his chest area; three for each side of the chest. The inside of the coat seems to be a mixture of different colours arranged in stripes; darker white, grey and grey with circular purple designs respectively.

Before the coronation of the 77th Emperor of the Vollachian Empire, Chisha wore the exact same dress but solely black. His hair was also of the same colour, as well as his weapon. Following his injury that almost cost him his life, Chisha's hair turned white and thus, the Divine General decided to entirely switch his colour scheme.


Chisha is a calm and collective individual, preferring to rely on his keen intellect rather than on his limited fighting strength. He walks around with an air of mystery and uncanniness, speaks in a polite manner–in contrast with some other Divine Generals such as Cecilus and Yoruna–and generally gives off a more pacifistic vibe. Despite being a Divine General in the Vollachian Empire, Chisha is shown to not have much of the nationalistic tendencies others have, and admits his poor fighting capabilities[2], claiming that he only became a Divine General out of necessity.

Despite his outwards appearance, however, Chisha is cold and calculative, planning his every step and manipulating all of his opponents with borderline ease. For a yet-unknown reason, he was the first to betray Vincent Vollachia[3]. With his keen intellect, he's easily able to impersonate Vincent's mannerism and ways of thinking to perfection, while his decoy ability seemingly allows him to morph into the former Emperor, keeping the throne occupied and preventing nation-wide outrage to occur.


Hailing from a commoner family, Chisha first met Vincent Vollachia when a Prince's Dragon Carriage got stuck in a ditch. Using his calculative skills, Chisha helped the Prince get his Dragon Carriage unstuck. Noticing Chisha's excellent calculative abilities, Vincent hired him and so, Chisha started working for the soon-to-be 77th Emperor of the Vollachian Empire.

Seven years ago, during the time of the Emperor Selection Ceremony, Chisha worked as Vincent Abellux's chief of strategy. His plans were instrumental to Vincent's success though one of them resulted in his near-fatal injury cause by Arakiya that was the reason for his hair suddenly turning white after he'd flitted between life and death.[4]

A couple of months before the main story, Chisha visited Lugnica in order to retrieve Gramdart Holstoy who Cecilus went to catch on his own behalf.[5]


Advanced Intellect: Chisha boasts considerable intellect and is capable of rapid critical thinking and planning. He had ascended to the rank of Four purely due to his calculative skills and outstandingly brilliant tactics. With him at his side, Vincent easily won conflicts and swiftly dispatched any and all dangers facing him. Furthermore, Chisha's keen intellect allowed him to impersonate Vincent to perfection and predicting his next moves, all the while fooling the entire Sacred Empire of Vollachia with his decoying ability.

Decoying Ability: Chisha often acts as Vincent Vollachia's decoy. According to Vincent, following his fleeing from the capital, Chisha was the one who made a public appearance in his place and is currently even acting in his place. Upon entering the Demon City of Chaosflame, Subaru, Al and Medium encountered a group of four individuals, one of which being Vincent himself despite the real Vincent resting at a lodging not far from the Red Lapis Castle. Vincent later revealed that the impostor was indeed Chisha Gold, remarking that many can impersonate him but only Chisha is capable of fully embodying him.

Relative Power: Thought noted to be rather weak for a Divine General, Chisha is able to stand his ground against someone as powerful as Arakiya, even if just for a short amount of time.


  • White Fan: Chisha wields a fan in combat and is somewhat skilled with it.


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