Chisha Gold (チシャ・ゴールド) is the 4th ranking Divine General of the Vollachia Empire and the Ambassador of Vollachia. He also acted as His Majesty Vincent Vollachia's decoy, while the latter was still an Emperor.

Though not yet officially debuting in the main story, Chisha played a rather important role in Re:Zero EX Light Novel Volume 4, appearing at the end of the Royal Selection Prequel: Imperial Diplomacy of Bloodshed and in Royal Selection Prequel: Reinhard vs Cecilus, acting on Vincent's orders to retrieve Gramdart Holstoy.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Chisha Gold is a tall, lean man with relatively long snow-white hair with the tips of his bangs being purple in colour. His extremely pale complexion makes Chisha give off an impression as if all the colour drained from him. He's also noted to emit an aura of not entirely being present in the room. His almond yellow eyes have a decorative purple tear-drop at the outer side of each of his eyes which give off an air of mystery which befits the Divine General rather well. He's dressed in a long white coat that covers his body in its entirety. The coat has a rather high white collar and what appear to be 6 purple-colored gems at his chest area; three for each side of the chest. The inside of the coat seems to be a mixture of different colours arranged in stripes; darker white, grey and grey with circular purple designs respectively.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Chisha speaks in a polite manner but is often pushed around by his friend and a fellow Divine General Cecilus Segmunt. Despite being a general in the Vollachia Empire, Chisha is shown to not have much of the nationalistic tendencies others have, and admits that he's bad at fighting,[1] claiming that he only became a general out of necessity.

History[edit | edit source]

Seven years ago, during the time of the Emperor Selection Ceremony, Chisha worked as Vincent Abellux's chief of strategy. His plans were instrumental to Vincent's success though one of them resulted in his near-fatal injury cause by Arakiya that was the reason for his hair suddenly turning white after he'd flitted between life and death.[2]

A couple of months before the main story, Chisha visited Lugnica in order to retrieve Gramdart Holstoy who Cecilus went to catch on his own behalf.[3]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Equipment: Chisha wields a fan in combat.

Power: Thought noted to be rather weak for a Divine General, Chisha is able to stand his ground against someone as powerful as Arakiya, even if just briefly.

References[edit | edit source]

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