Chisha Gold (チシャ・ゴールド) is the "4th" ranked among the Nine Divine Generals of the Vollachia Empire and the Ambassador of Vollachia.


Chisha is a tall, lean man with white hair, yellow eyes and a pale complexion. He has long arms and legs and wears white clothes.


Chisha speaks in a polite manner but is often pushed around by his friend Cecilus Segmunt. Despite being a general in the Vollachia Empire, Chisha is shown to not have much of the nationalistic tendencies others have, and admits that he's bad at fighting, claiming that he only became a general out of necessity.


Seven years ago, during the time of the Emperor Selection Ceremony, Chisha worked as Vincent Abellux's chief of strategy. His plans were instrumental to Vincent's success though one of them resulted in a near-fatal injury to him that caused his hair to go white after he'd flitted between life and death.

A couple of months before the main story, Chisha visited Lugnica to find Cecilus who'd trespassed Lugnica and Vollachia's border to find Reinhard van Astrea.


Equipment : Chisha wields a fan in combat.


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