Re:Zero Daisanshou Truth of Zero 2 (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 第三章 Truth of Zero) Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Chapter III: Truth of Zero 2) is the ninth volume of the Re:Zero manga.


Subaru continues to support Emilia in her campaign to become the new Queen of Lugunica. But another candidate shows up, and it's the last person Subaru expected!


Manga Differences

  • Chapter 8
    • The conversation with Emilia, Anastasia, Crusch, Priscilia, and Felt about letting the duel of Subaru and Julius to continue was omitted.
    • Parts of Subaru and Julius's fight was omitted.
    • Subaru's conversation with Reinhard was omitted.
  • Chapter 10
    • The scene where both Rem and Felix healing Subaru's gate is shortened.
    • Subaru's conversation with Kadomon is shortened.
    • The introduction of Petelguese and the scene of where Petelguese is looking at the photo of Emilia is added as a manga exclusive.


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