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Re:Zero Daisanshou Truth of Zero 6 (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 第三章 Truth of Zero) Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Chapter III: Truth of Zero 6) is the thirteenth volume of the Re:Zero manga.


Rem...stop making that face. Please. A smile suits you so much better

Subaru returns to Crusch Karsten's door intent on avoiding the mistakes that led to his latest fatal encounter. He proposes an alliance between Emilia's and Crusch's camps...and to sweeten the deal, he'll offer intel vital to their mutual survival: the exact time and place the Hakugei will appear! Among those listening in is a warrior whose hatred of the demon beast is a lifelong obsession...How will Crusch's servant--"the Sword Devil", Wilhelm--react to this opportunity for revenge?


Manga Differences[]

  • Chapter 23
    • Subaru's negotiations with Crusch happen at night instead of before dinner like the last time he tried to do so. Also, most of the negotiations was omitted.
    • Russell arrives with Anastasia instead of being there right from the start and in accordance to that most of his dialogue was omitted.
    • Subaru and Ferris' conversation is modified to remove any mentions of Fourier Lugnica along with Rem and Wilhelm's appearance and dialogue.
  • Chapter 24
    • Subaru and Ricardo's conversation is modified to remove Anastasia and Crusch's appearance and dialogue. Crusch's part is moved to a separate scene with Subaru.
  • Chapter 25
    • Parts of Subaru and Ricardo's conversation on their way to Flugel's Tree was omitted, and because of that, Rem noting Ricardo is calming his comrades was also omitted.
    • Parts of Subaru and Rem's conversation at Flugel's Tree was omitted, including the part where he reaffirms his love for Emilia and his promise to have Rem as his second wife if Emilia agrees to polygyny.
    • Wilhelm's cut part during Subaru and Ferris' conversation is moved to a scene at Flugel's Tree.
  • Chapter 26
    • The Hakugei comes down to attack Crusch instead of Wilhelm jumping up using his Earth Dragon to fight it in the air.
    • The Hakugei tries to eat the falling Wilhelm instead of attempting to hit him with its tail.
    • Ricardo first attacking the Hakugei is changed to have him attack the eye rather than the tooth instead of Wilhelm attacking the eye.
    • A part of Subaru and Felix's conversation was omitted.
    • The fight against of the Hakugei is modified to have the Hakuhei use the Fog of Elimination early, and because of that, Wilhelm gouging out the Hakugei's eye was removed from the fight.
  • Chapter 27
    • Parts of the dialog during the fight against the Hakugei was omitted.
    • The discussion about the Mana Repulsion Crystals was omitted.
    • The group doesn't lessen the density of the mist before dealing with the crazed people.
    • Satella's lower half of her face is shown.
    • Ricardo saves only Subaru from the Hakugei's attack whereas in the light novel, he saves Subaru and Rem by shoving Patrasche with his liger. Also, Ricardo getting hit by the Hakugei after saving Subaru happened off-camera.
    • The liger that Ricardo rode remained intact when the Hakugei attacked them instead of his liger was split in half. Also, Ricardo is seen visibility injured whereas in the light novel, he was nowhere to be seen after the attack.