Re:Zero Daisanshou Truth of Zero 7 (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 第三章 Truth of Zero) Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Chapter III: Truth of Zero 7) is the fourteenth volume of the Re:Zero manga.


Manga Differences

  • A scene where Mimi saves Subaru with her magic is cut.
  • Subaru and Hetaro's conversation is shortened.
  • A scene where the entire army cheered for victory is cut.
  • Rem faking her death to get Subaru to confess is cut.
  • The post Hakugei battle scene is changed to have Subaru and Crusch talk one on one instead of being with Rem and Ferris. In accordance with this, several other scenes such as Subaru and Ferris' talk is also cut.


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