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Re:Zero Daisanshou Truth of Zero 8 (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 第三章 Truth of Zero) Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Chapter III: Truth of Zero 8) is the fifteenth volume of the Re:Zero manga.


The battle with the Hakugei comes to an end. However, Subaru's fight is not yet over. To stop the Witch Cult, Subaru heads to the Mathers domain to confront his hated enemy, Petelgeuse.



Manga Differences[]

  • Chapter 33
    • Most of the discussion about the battle against the Witch Cult at Roswaal's territory was omitted, including the part where Wilhelm mentions the witches.
    • Subaru and Julius' apology to each other is moved to during their trip to Roswaal's territory instead of soon after meeting each other. In addition, Julius and Wilhelm's explanation of Petelgeuse, Kurgan and Regulus was omitted.
  • Chapter 34
    • Conversation between Emilia and Puck was added.
    • Parts of Subaru and Petelgeuse's conversation was omitted, including the part where Subaru claims he is "Pride" and Petelgeuse's explanation of their plan.
    • Subaru's flashback of explaining Petelgeuse's abilities to the rest of the group was omitted. Also, Wilhelm decapitating Petelgeuse after bisecting him was omitted.
  • Chapter 35
    • Parts of Felix and Ricardo's conversation was omitted.
    • The scenes covering the finger kills is modified to have Petelguese's Unseen Hand ambush appear early. And because of that, the scene where Petelguese kills four members of the Fang of Iron and the introduction of Rajan was omitted.
    • Petelgeuse's Unseen Hand ambush crushed its victims rather than gouging out their throats.
  • Chapter 36
    • Wilhelm and the female finger's fight is shortened and she is killed by Wilhelm's slash rather than being stabbed through.
    • Julius and Ferris regroup with them and discuss Petelgeuse's abilities at the female finger's body rather than at the spot where they were fighting the Witch Cult members.
    • The conversation between Felix and Subaru on their way to Irlam Village is shortened.
    • The white robed person is clearly shown to be Ram rather than being unknown until they defeat her.
    • The vines attacked Subaru without him attempting to touch the flower.
  • Chapter 37
    • Julius explaining to Subaru and revealing he can use Spirit Arts was moved to after he freed Subaru from Ram's illusions instead of during the evacuation in Irlam Village.
    • Ram did not use her wand while capturing Subaru.
    • Ram's fight against Wilhelm and Ricardo was omitted. Instead, she is stopped by Wilhelm, Ricardo, and Felix and she surrendered herself, and she reveals her identity instead of Subaru guessing who she is based on her voice. Also, Felix assisted Wilhelm and Ricardo instead of Julius.
    • Ricardo's dialog is absent for the entire chapter after being freed from Ram's illusion.
    • Subaru and Ram's conversation on the way to Irlam Village was omitted.
    • Ricardo and Wilhelm standing by Subaru during his evacuation plan with the villagers is replaced with generic soldiers.
    • Subaru's discussion with the merchants was omitted.
    • Parts of Subaru and Julius's discussion was omitted, including Ram's presence.