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Re:Zero Daisanshou Truth of Zero 9 (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 第三章 Truth of Zero) Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Chapter III: Truth of Zero 9) is the sixteenth volume of the Re:Zero manga.


With Petelgeuse taken down, the action moves once again to the Mathers Domain. But just as Subaru believes victory (and a reunion with Emilia) is at hand, something strange happens to his body...


Manga Differences

  • Chapter 38
    • Ferris was present when Subaru regains consciousness. Parts of their scene was omitted, including Ferris mentioning that he died once.
    • The Ketty Petelgeuse's death is moved off screen and Aro and Ik's protecting Subaru and Julius was omitted.
    • The fourth Petelgeuse, the female one, has her death changed. She is ripped apart by a group of Wolgarm off screen while in the light novel, she receives a fatal wound from one Wolgarm and dies from blood loss in front of Subaru. In addition, Patrasche's appearance and the female Petelgeuse throwing things with her Unseen Hands was omitted.
  • Chapter 39
    • The Emilia vs Petelgeuse fight is shortened, cutting out Petelgeuse using other Witch Cult members as shields and Emilia's physical combat.
    • A scene where Emilia sheds a tear after noticing the villager's stares following her battle against Petelgeuse is added.
    • Julius and Ferris chase after Subaru instead of only Julius chasing after him with Ferris and Wilhelm arriving soon after.
    • A scene where Emilia turns to look at the forest the moment Julius kills Subaru and Petelgeuse is added.
  • Chapter 40
    • The scenes after Subaru had told the expeditionary force that Petelguese can possess Subaru, even the conversation with Wilhelm, Julius, Ricardo, and Felix through telepathy, was omitted.
    • A flashback of their strategy meeting was omitted.
  • Chapter 41
    • Puck having been involved with Subaru's plan was omitted.
    • A flashback of Subaru persuading Beatrice to leave the Forbidden Library was omitted.
  • Chapter 42
    • Subaru's explanation about why he has Emilia's robe is moved to a scene after Emilia evacuates with the children.
    • A flashback of Subaru explaining the details to the villagers was omitted.
    • Subaru and Ricardo's conversation is modified to add Ferris and Julius's appearance and dialogue. And because of that, most of Ricardo's dialog, including a private conversation with Subaru, how he found the Conversation Mirror, and the explanation about finding Otto, was omitted, with Ricardo mentioning that he's a captured Witch Cult member instead.
    • Most of Otto's scene was omitted.
    • Petelgeuse tells Subaru the details of the trial without him asking for them first. In addition, his and Subaru's conversation about the gospel and Witch Genes was omitted, and Subaru is the one who has the Conversing Mirror Meteor instead of Petelgeuse using his own.
    • Subaru has Patrasche run Petelgeuse over instead of punching him. In addition, Subaru and Julius' battle with him at the cave is replaced with a separate battle at the place where he committed suicide back in Arc 2, and because of this the dialogue that was supposed to be said during the battle is moved to other scenes.