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Darts (ダーツ) is a constructor in Priestella.


Darts is an adult man with a mustache. His long hair is covered by an iron skin-tight helmet. His left eye is for some reason covered by an mechanical binocular eye. He wears a black shirt underneath his coat.


Darts is a brave man who fought for Priestella following the orders of Otto Suwen. Otto and Darts are business friends, as Otto is shown to have shared a drink with him in the past. In addition, Darts was described to be a workaholic, who couldn't abandon a job half-done, going as far as to keep working during the battle for Priestella.


During the attack on Priestella, Otto asked Darts to repair Roswaal's Book of Wisdom which had been burned.


Magic User (魔法使い Maho Tsukai): Darts is capable of using Yang Magic.

  • Restoration Magic (復元魔法 Fukugen Mahou): A type of Yang magic that can recover objects to their original state. It's mainly used by specialists who have the innate affinity for Yang so not that many people can use it.