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Didorii (ディドリー) was a member of the Multi Armed race born in Kararagi.


Didorii was a member of the Multi Armed race. He had a total of four arms and wore the fur of a member of the Wolfin race which he took from an opponent he killed. He was also mentioned to be taller than Ricardo, standing at over 2 meters tall.


He met Ricardo Welkin in the past while he was working with Razcrew. He threw insults at Ricardo claiming his race was on the verge of extinction. Ricardo denied this and insisted that he was a kobold, but Didorii didn't buy it, proclaiming that wolfins said this lie in order to survive. After they parted, Didorii went back to the slave traders hideout and assisted with trying to transport Anastasia Hoshin, Mimi Pearlbaton, and Hetaro Pearlbaton to the north to be sold as slaves.

However, the slave trading company was ambushed by Ricardo along with his mercenary group. Didorii fought against Ricardo in single combat, but was ultimately defeated and killed by him.


Invisibility: Didorii was capable of making himself invisible in the darkness.

Equipment: Didorii wielded four axes in each of his four arms.

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