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Dorkell (ドルケル) was a former merchant in Kararagi and a former member of the Witch Cult.


Dorkell is an extremely slender and bold man with long white moustaches and a strange pattern engraved on his upper-right chest.


Due to his membership and eventual exclusion within the Witch Cult, it can be deducted that Dorkell was an outcast even amongst those who are said to be "loathed by the world". Due to his only actual presence being through Lye and Louis using Solar and Lunar Eclipse, there are no concrete examples of Dorkell's personality other than his eccentric nature.


Originally, Dorkell was but an every day merchant living in Kararagi but after a specific event in his life, he strayed off of his merchant path. He threw away his family and his life, becoming an eccentric man who chose to believe in non existent things and ideals. Soon after, Dorkell got in contact with the Witch Cult and developed a taboo power which was different from magic, Authorities or Divine Protections; his Leaper Technique. It was regarded as a heresy within a heresy, and he was cast out from even the Witch Cult itself. Sometime after that, the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony-Lye Batenkaitos-defeated him and ate his name and memories, effectively putting Dorkell in suspended animation.


Leaper technique: This technique allows Dorkell to move with extreme speed. During Arc 6, Lye Batenkaitos used this ability on Ram. Using the Leaper Technique undetectable by the naked eye, essentially allowing him to leap behind his opponents or avoid extremely precise and quick attacks. Due to the extreme speed, it seems like he's teleporting around the battlefield. He's also capable of utilizing it vertically, making it appear as if he's flying.