Edda Rayfast (エッダ・レイファスト) is a representative of a lumber manufacturer who manages a water wheel along the Tenrill River.


Edda is quite tall, quite plump and has dark skin with stout limbs. She wears a fur coat, and wears heavy make-up that looks like warpaint. However, having been infested by the parasites that turn people into the living dead, Edda's body within concealed a mass of cadavers controlled by the parasites. 


Edda is described as being a tough woman, and acts very masculine.


Edda was taken over by the parasites that turned people into zombies and became the host to their queen. She tried to pass the infestation to Priscilla Barielle by making her drink some contaminated liquor, but was ultimately unsuccessful. Edda was soon after defeated by Al and incinerated by Priscilla.


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