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Elior Forest (エリオール大森林, Eriōru Dai Shinrin), also known as the Freezing Forest (氷結の森, Hyōketsu no Mori) is a vast forest located in north east Lugnica. The forest is first featured in Re:Zero Prequel: Bond of Ice. It belongs to the current head of the Mathers family, Roswaal L Mathers.


Elior Forest is a dense woodland forest located in north eastern Lugnica, south west from the mining city of Ganaks and the Gina mountain range. Elior Forest is covered in snow and ice, and is home to unnatural mana storms and many Demon Beasts. A large amount of pyroxene grows in certain areas in the forest thanks to abundance of mana from mana streams littered throughout the woodland. House Karsten has recently acquired rights to mine this resource as part of the agreement for the establishment of the alliance between the Emilia Camp and the Crusch Camp.

The forest is currently home to the elves who were frozen 100 years ago during the attack on the forest. 49 of them remain frozen as picturesque ice statues. For over 7 years, it had been the home of Emilia and Puck until Emilia left the forest to join the royal selection.

The forest was at one time used as a smuggling path to move goods across Lugnica without incurring the tolls which the main roads charged. 


About 100 years before the main story, a village of elves guarded a mysterious seal located in the forest. Ruin was brought to the forest when Pandora and Regulus Corneas led an attack on the forest by bringing the Kurohebi there. Many elves perished, while the remaining elves were frozen by a young Emilia along with the forest itself.

Over seven and a half years before the main story Puck unfroze Emilia from the ice she was trapped in. Half a year later the forest became the battleground for Puck's battle against Melakuera. That day became infamously known across Lugnica as the "Day of Red Earth and Sky". 


  • The Seal (封印, Fūin):
    Elior Forest Seal (2).png
    The Seal of Elior Forest is a place in the innermost part of the forest. The surroundings of the seal are surrounded by white trees and the whole area looks like a sacred place. The seal itself takes form of a double-door which stands on its own, not connecting with any buildings or trees. It appears to be made out of wood, it's noted to be very cold to the touch and if rubbed with a hand, one would get the same sensation as rubbing a polished gemstone. There is an old lock located right in the centre of the door itself with the keyhole being roughly the same size as young Emilia's hand.
  • The Tree of Prayers (祈りの大樹, Inori no taiju): An extremely tall, sacred tree which the elves in the elf village would pour their prayers to the divine. Its existance was treasured and revered by everyone in the village. Emilia ended up frozen within its trunk when she froze Elior forest.
  • Unnamed Elf Village:
    Elior Forest village ep.42.png
    The village which the elves lived in over 100 years ago before Emilia froze the entire forest, along with the elves.
  • The Garden  (庭, Niwa): The area which the ice statues of the frozen elves lie. A small stream is located nearby. It is located south of the blundering snow road. Emilia lived close by to this location in a hollow tree.
  • The Gnarled Thicket (よぼよぼ密林, Yoboyobo mitsurin): An area deep in the forest surrounded by a dense enclosure of ancient trees with hardly any light exposure. The area is rich in pyroxene.
  • The Twisted Forest (うねうね森, Uneune mori): A woodland area located in the eastern section of the forest. 
  • The Frozen Stiff Thicket (かちかち密林, Kachikachi mitsurin): An area located near the blundering snow road.
  • The Blundering Snow Road (うっかり雪道, Ukkari yukimichi): A snow covered woordland road that could fit three people abreast. It is covered with no trespassing signs as it used to lead to the Snow Blight's domain. 
  • Unnamed Eastern Village: A small village on the outskirts of the forest on the east side. The village is extremely poor, but has a trading centre to exchange livestock, crops and goods. The village was used by Chap to blackmail Emilia.
  • Unnamed Western Village: A small village on the outskirts of the forest on the west side that Emilia traded with after she was prohibited from entering the eastern village. 
  • The Snow Blight's Domain: An area in the northern section of the forest which was ruled by the Snow Blight Demon Beast. After it's defeat, the area was roamed by various Demon Beasts like Guiltylaws. 
  • Thorny Woods (とげとげ林, Togetoge rin): A woodland area in the north west of the forest covered in ice sheets and teeming with Demon Beasts. This area was heavily affected by the corrosive power of the black water.
  • The Lake (湖, Mizūmi): A frozen lake dyed in black. The lake was the location where the kurohebi's poison sank to. Once released, the poison manifested itself as black water, and acted with the same destructive intent its owner had. 



  • It took Emilia over seven and a half years to map the entirety of Elior Forest.
  • The entire southern portion of the forest was destroyed in the battle between Puck and Melakuera.