Elsa Granhiert (エルザ・グランヒルテ) was an assassin working together with Meili for a mysterious organization until her death. She was the main antagonist of the first arc of Re:Zero and one of the primary antagonists of the fourth arc.


Elsa has long black hair tied into one tail on the left side along with eyes that droop, giving her a gentle aura. She wears a black dress and wields bent black swords from the northern lands.


Elsa is a battle maniac, not even hesitating to injure herself if she can fight strong opponents, which is helped by her abnormal healing rate. This is also shown through her persistence. Due to her blessing, she claims to be a vampire, though she doesn't drink blood, nor does she receive any ill effects when under the sun. Her favorite things are seeing colorful bowels and touching warm looking internal organs. Within combat, she enjoys cleaving through the abdominal region with the intent of tearing the target's bowels out.

Elsa also enjoys knitting cotton dolls, especially after a good kill, and mentions to have over 10 years of experience. Although it isn't mentioned, she presumably destroys them later.


Elsa once lived in Gusteko, she was an orphan and a thief, who was caught stealing by a seller, she almost got raped, until Elsa grabbed a piece of glass and opened her assailant's stomach. Over the years she became a well-known Assassin and sometime later started working for the Assassin Organization.

One day, on Mama's orders, she went to greet Meili, who was living with the Demon Beasts as a feral child in a forest, killed all the Demon Beasts and brought her back. At that time, Meili was in a state where she couldn't speak, so her manner of speech and such was greatly influenced by Elsa.


Skilled Assassin: Elsa is an infamous assassin, who is highly talented at manipulating and using blades techniques to overwhelm her opponents. On top of that, she possesses super strength, incredible agility and can regenerate wounds thanks to being a "curse doll" making her a force to be reckoned with.

Elsa's Kukri Knives

Equipment: Elsa wields ornate short blades and throwing needles which she uses in combat. In addition, she wears a dark feathered magic cloak that can block magic attacks, however only a single time as the cloak will be destroyed afterward. Another drawback is that it only works against spells intended to harm her physically, thus indirect magic Shamak can bypass it. It is imbued with a yang magic buff based on the theory established by Roswaal K Mathers. Lastly, Elsa has two secret weapons which are specialized blades she only ever used against special opponents whom she aims to kill rather just seeing their guts.

  • White Blade: A thick kukuri with a surprisingly large amount of mass specialized for crushing bone. When swung strange heavy pressure emits from it. The bladed portion can extend a string of blades not dissimilar from a snake sword for mid range attacks.
  • Black Blade: Looks similar to her standard knives but has distinctive serrated edged that gives it an appearance of animal teeth. Created for goring opponents rather than ripping them.

Blessing (祝福): Elsa refers to her immortality as a blessing, though it is officially called curse doll (呪い人形). It is a curse which involves the user carving a curse mark that includes the information of the target they want to kill on someone, and upon activation, the person with the curse mark gains immortality, but as a cost, they lose their sense of self and can't do anything else but kill the target and they die when the target is killed. Also, there seems to be a limit to the immortality. However, there's supposedly a way to cast the curse without the person losing their sense of self, which is what happened to Elsa, though repeatedly dying turned her into a curse doll. People who become curse dolls are mistakenly referred to as vampires due to a curse doll once drinking blood in an attempt to die.


  • In her web novel character introduction, Elsa is stated to have a Divine Protection, though this is likely to be an oversight as the author confirmed she doesn't have one.
  • According to the author, Elsa's birthday is April 29, a play on death and meat.
  • In the side-stories it is revealed that Elsa is skilled in knitting and sewing. She does it as a hobby and can make things from stuffed dolls to clothes.
  • Elsa is actually really weak against magic attacks. So weak, she didn't want to risk running into Subaru's Shamack, when he used it.
  • Tappei hinted at the possibility that Roswaal gave Elsa her magic cape, in order for her to corner Emilia more easily.


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