Elsa and Meili, Assassin Sisters Journal KILL2 (エルザとメィリィ、裏稼業姉妹暗躍日報 KILL 2) is a shop exclusive limited edition short story.

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The story begins after Subaru arrives at Mathers's mansion .From Elsa's perspective

Heading over immediately to the Mathers domain, Meili descended into a small rural village located near the mansion. Elsa obediently observed the village from afar as her partner began her work. Portroute infiltrated the settlement as an innocent village girl and began using the Demon Beasts in the area to create confusion and discord. After the Demon Beasts abducted and cursed the village children whom Meili had befriended and deceived, two residents from the mansion quickly made their way into the forest to rescue the kids. The boy leading the rescue was surprisingly Natsuki Subaru , who had been brought to the mansion by Emilia around the time when Elsa and Meili had entered the Mathers domain.

After rescuing the children, Subaru and his companions had a second altercation with the Demon Beasts the next day. Although Natsuki was cornered by the Demon Beasts, the lord of the domain Roswaal L. Mathers arrived and blanket-bombed the entire forest using his fire magic. The Demon Beasts were utterly destroyed by the barrage fired by Mathers, who was commonly considered to be the strongest mage in Lugunica. Even Elsa knew of Roswaal and was impressed by his firepower as she watched the chaos unfold from afar. Worried about her young partner, Granhiert ran through the forests until she was reunited with the young girl. In the dead of night, Elsa and Meili rushed through the dense woods to escape their hostile pursuers.

As they made their way over the mountain, Elsa couldn't help but feel amused that just as Meili had come to her rescue in the capital, she was now helping Portroute escape. Meili was put off by her sister's calm and amused demeanour, a sentiment that grew in severity when Granhiert divulged her reasoning to the Demon Beasts User. As Portroute slowed down due to exhaustion, she took the time to say that she believed Elsa's help was unnecessary and also expressed regrets regarding the deaths of the Demon Beasts. Elsa told Meili about the eccentric man who had burned the forest. As the pair talked about the mission, Granhiert took the opportunity to give Meili the doll of Reinhard she had been working on over the past few days. Instead of thanking Elsa, Meili called her weird for making a doll of her enemy.

Seeing that Portroute was exhausted and her feet hurt, Elsa offered to give her a piggyback ride over the mountain side. After Meili reluctantly agreed, Granhiert began rushing through the forest at a speed that had the younger assassin continuously begging her to slow down. The Bowel Hunter eventually heeded Meili's request when the Demon Beasts User spoke in a far more urgent tone. The reason for Portroute's change in attitude was due to a pack of Demon Beasts surrounding them that had likely survived Roswaal's attack. Although Elsa intended to kill them, Meili told her to do no such thing and ordered her to walk up close to one of them. Portroute communicated with the beasts, telling them to hide out in the forests until they could rekindle their numbers. With that, the sisters retreated further into the undergrowth as they continued to trade verbal barb.

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