This page is about the Princess of Lugnica. For the Sin Archbishop, see Capella Emerada Lugnica

Emerada Lugnica (エメラダ・ルグニカ) was a Princess of Lugnica.


Emerada is mentioned to have been extremely beautiful and had gold hair and red eyes.


Despite being intelligent, Emerada was said to be extremely cruel, and was considered to be a nonconformist within the royal family as she had an immeasurable darkness toward others. According to Miklotov McMahon, she apparently had the qualities necessary to be a Lion King.


Emerada lived before the Demi Human War, more than fifty years before the story. Sometime later, she died at a young age due to a disease, and the news of her death was hidden for a while. As the national sentiment was against it, she wasn't given a state funeral, with a surface reason claiming that it wasn't possible under their current circumstances.


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