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Emilia's mother was a human female[1] who married a man of elven origins. The two of them had a daughter who they named Emilia.


Next to nothing is known about her appearance but despite that, we do know Emilia's gentle face came from her mother[2] (that being the only similarity she has with her daughter).


She was a nice and well-respected person, especially in the elven community - the one that moved to Elior Forest and lived there until their freezing demise, 100 years before Subaru's arrival. According to Arch's words, every resident of the Forest was greatly indebted to her.[3] The reason for such gratitude is not yet known though it's suggested by Fortuna that she had something to do with the Seal located in the innermost parts of the woods.[4] Echidna claims that Emilia is just as stubborn as her mother. Echidna also implied that Emilia's mother relied a lot on others.


Over a century before Subaru's arrival, she married an elven man and gave birth to Emilia.


  • Echidna claims that she personally knows Emilia's real mother and that it is one of the reasons for her hatred for Emilia.
  • It has been strongly implied from Fortuna's words that Pandora was responsible for the deaths of Emilia's parents.[5]


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