Natsuki Subaru

Effectively her benefactor and first actual friend whom she had saved. Subaru is also the first non-elf that did not begrudge her due to her heritage, and the first person to ever express genuine love for her. Because of this, Emilia felt deeply happy and relieved that someone acknowledged her existence and didn't disparage her bloodline. After many trials and tribulations together, she begins to develop feelings for Subaru subconsciously during the latter half of Arc 4. After their relationship strengthens, he is officially made her knight. Emilia becomes more aware of her innermost feelings towards him in the successive arcs. She is, however, held back by grappling with what it means to love someone more than just platonically, and wishes to better understand these feelings.


Emilia's loyal partner and surrogate father. According to their contract, even if Puck's mana is too low, he will do his job in order to protect her until his death.


Certain people, such as Echidna and Pandora, have referred to Emilia as "the witch's daughter," with Pandora also mentioning that she was of the witch's bloodline after seeing her power, hinting at some sort of connection between Emilia and Satella, though nothing has been explained.



One of Roswaal's servants and in turn her servant. Usually spends more time with her than Rem. After the harrowing events of Arc 4, they become much closer and friends in the truest sense.

Roswaal L Mathers

Emilia's benefactor and backer for her bid to acquire the throne. He's considered an odd lord, especially due to his fondness for demi-humans like her to the point where he would hire them. In truth, he was only actually using her to control Subaru and coerce him into using Return by Death to fulfill his ambition of reviving his late master through the wits of his Gospel. To do so he needed a guaranteed way to put Emilia on the throne because he had no faith in Emilia's resolve to overcome her past and deeply-rooted hatred of the Witch of Envy. However, with the encouragement and support of Subaru and several others, Emilia shatters his expectations by passing all 3 of Echidna's trials. He is then forced into backing her earnestly.


Post events of Arc 4, she and Emilia have become good friends after Beatrice became more sociable.

Otto Suwen

After throwing his lot with her after the events of Arc 4, he's become a personal adviser to Emilia. Otto also sympathies with her circumstances as he too had suffered under discrimination in his childhood and views her as a strong person to bare all that.


After the harrowing events of Arc 1 where she helped saved her life, Felt has come to respect Emilia and regards her as a big sister.

Crusch Karsten

Though she has only spoken to her after Crusch's memory loss, the highborn lady did not think any less of her because of her true nature and treated Emilia with the utmost respect as both a worthy rival and potential friend. Because of this, Emilia regards her as an explanatory and warm-hearted person.


Pandora seems to be acquainted with Emilia's family, and is implied to have been involved with what happened to her parents. Pandora has referred to Emilia as "the witch's daughter."


Her parental aunt and only known living blood-relative. She raised her in place of her parents for most of her early life. Emilia considers Fortuna to be her real mother because of it.

Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti

Petelgeuse knew Emilia when she was a child, often visiting her and her aunt Fortuna, enough to be described as being like a family. He cared about her deeply as he tried to protect her with his life when Regulus and Pandora attacked her forest. However, after he went mad, he no longer recognizes her.


Echidna claims to have hated Emilia from the moment she first saw her. During her trial, during which Emilia was forced to face her past, Echidna made several derogatory remarks at the half-elf, mocking her for her dependence on Subaru. Echidna also seems to have some knowledge about Emilia's parents, claiming that she is as just as stubborn as her mother. Echidna adds that she personally knows her real mother and it is one of the reasons for her hatred. Despite all this, Emilia mentioned that she doesn't hate Echidna at all.

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