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The Emilia Camp is a Royal Selection team that is led by Emilia.


Emilia stated that she wants to be King to melt the frozen lands of Elior Forest. In addition to that, she stated that she has no desires for her except equality in the Kingdom if she becomes king. After the trials hosted by Echidna, Emilia learns that she might be unable to melt the ice without killing the inhabitants, but she still wants to be king.


The camp was formed when Roswaal L Mathers approached Emilia while she was still living at the Elior Forest with Puck and revealed to her that she has the necessary qualities to partake in the Royal Selection, having likely learned of her through his Tome of Wisdom. As the Kingdom's resources might be used to restore the frozen forest, Emilia agreed to participate and moved to Roswaal's Mansion despite Puck's protests, seeing that Roswaal likely had alternate motives. Thus, the camp was formed with Emilia, Roswaal, Puck, Ram, and Rem as it's founding members.

As Puck expected, Roswaal had a hidden motive for approaching Emilia. Through his Tome, he learned of a boy named Natsuki Subaru, who has the power to time-travel and was destined to fall in love with Emilia. Seeing Subaru's ability as a priceless asset, Roswaal set up the events of their meeting by hiring Elsa Granhiert to kill Emilia. In the end, just as Roswaal intended, Subaru managed to stop Elsa and Emilia brought him into the faction, where Roswaal immediately set up a working relationship. However, the maids were suspicious of Subaru because of his scent. That was until he proved himself by saving the Irlam villagers from a Wolgarm attack and saving the children that were kidnapped by Meili Portroute, and ultimately gaining the maids' trust.

Once the Royal Selection officially began, the Emilia Camp started out in the worst possible position. On top of facing prejudice, Emilia failed to gain the nobles' support. Even worse, Subaru antagonized said nobles in a misguided attempt to stand up for her. In the midst of this, Roswaal began to set his plans for Subaru into motion. Knowing that the Hakugei was going to appear at the Lugnica plains and a Witch Cult cell was preparing to assassinate Emilia, he stepped back and allowed the boy to handle it, while making sure he had the resources to overcome the obstacles. In the end, Roswaal's gamble paid off, as Subaru managed to defeat both by forging an alliance with the Crusch and Anastasia Camps. Also, since he played leading roles in both battles, Subaru, and by extention the Emilia Camp, got most of the credit.

In the aftermath of the battle with the Hakugei and Witch Cult, the camp gained several new members. Subaru recruited a merchant he befriended, Otto Suwen, while Roswaal re-hired his old maid, Frederica Baumann, as well as a new apprentice maid, Petra Leyte. However, the Emilia camp did suffer a loss when Rem had her existence eaten by the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony and fell into suspended animation.

With the camp now in a comfortable position, Roswaal set up his most ambitious plan yet. He divided up the camp by luring one half to Sanctuary while the other stayed at Roswaal's Mansion. At the Sanctuary, the residents forced Emilia to take a trial to undo the barrier that keeps them in. Roswaal subsequently set up an incident to happen at both Sanctuary and the manor at the same time. He once again hired Elsa and Meili to attack the mansion whilst he himself lured the Oousagi to Sanctuary. Roswaal's goal with this was to further Subaru's development by forcing him to sacrifice one to save the other. During that time, Puck forcibly broke the contract with Emilia, allowing her to start recalling the memories from her past, enabling her to tackle and overcome the Three Trials from the Witch of Greed's Tomb.

After the events at Sanctuary, Natsuki Subaru officially became Emilia's Knight.

Roughly a year after the events in the Sanctuary, Anastasia Camp contacted Emilia Camp and invited them to the Water Gate City of Priestella, promising Emilia a pyroxene crystal capable of capturing the presence of the Beast of the End which would allow Emilia to reforge her contract with Puck. During their stay in the Water Gate City, other Royal Selection Camps joined as it turned out that Anastasia planned to get to know each other better and possibly forge some alliances. Sadly, the laid-back times soon ended as a couple of days after their arrival, the Witch Cult made their grand appearance. The Sin Archbishops of Greed, Wrath, Gluttony (Lye and Roy) and Lust besieged the city, taking control of it and flooding one of the districts. The Camps had to work together to defeat the vile presence in the city. After a long and arduous battle with the Cult, the Royal Selection Candidates managed to prevail, in no small part due to Emilia Camp's struggles and contributions in form of Subaru masterminding large portions of retaliation.

After the defeat of Greed and the capturing of Wrath, Emilia Camp set their goals for the Pleiades Watchtower, located at the very East of the world map. Their plan was to locate the Sage and somehow find a solution that would allow them to revert the damages done by Lust and Gluttony. On their way, Emilia Camp decided to take Meili Portrout with them in order to resolve the possible Demon Beast danger. Select members of Anastasia Camp also accompanied them, as both Anastasia and her knight Julius Juukulius suffered unconventional damages; Julius lost his name in a deadly fight with one of Gluttonies and Anastasia's body was possessed by her Artificial Spirit, Echidna, who was unable to return the body to her rightful owner. While in the Tower, the two Camps found themselves in an unprecedented situation, as they were put forced to deal with Five Obstacles as well as Subaru's sudden loss of memories due to the reappearance of the Sin Archbishops of Gluttony.

After overcoming the five obstacles in the Augrian Sand Dunes, Subaru was teleported to the Empire of Vollachia where, after over a year of being in a vegetative state, Rem finally regained her consciousness.


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