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The Emilia Camp is a Royal Election team that is led by Emilia.


Emilia stated that she wants to be King to melt the frozen lands of Elior Forest. In addition to that, she stated that she has no desires for her except equality in the Kingdom if she becomes king. After the trials hosted by Echidna, Emilia learns that she might be unable to melt the ice without killing the inhabitants, but she still wants to be king.


After Emilia was unfrozen by Puck at the Elior Forest, she and Puck created a contract. Sometime later, Roswaal L Mathers invited them to stay at his place, and that's where he revealed that Emilia is able to become the 42nd King of Lugnica.

Years later, Emilia met Subaru at the Loot House in the Capital. After that he saved her, she took the unconscious Subaru with her to the Roswaal's Mansion where he stayed.

After the events at the Sanctuary, Natsuki Subaru officially became Emilia's Knight.


Emilia Camp


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