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Ezzo Cadner (エッゾ・カドナ) is a member of the Felt Camp.


Ezzo has short hair, with his height being his neck reaching about half of Felt's head.


Ezzo dislikes his alias, as it basically shows that he is inferior as a magician since Gray means he is not a master of any color of magic. He also envies higher grade magicians, as he disliked Roswaal for possessing colours as titles and attempted to usurp his titles, initially thinking that Roswaal was a fraud.

He can be cautious and perceptive, as he correctly decided not to act with aggression once Emilia, Puck and Beatrice found him wandering suspiciously in the mansion, noticing that he could not win against them as they were better magicians.

However, he changes his mind after Roswaal easily clears his test. He feels like an intellectual boy, as he taught a prostitute named Mimoza how to read, write and calculate. He has confidence in his growth and is an easy-to-carry character.


He was first seen between Arc 2 and 3, attempting to steal Roswaal titles for his own benefit, attempting to trap him into a meteor so that he could claim a defeat on the most powerful sorcerer of the kingdom and claim his titles. This failed horribly, as he had imprisoned Rem and Subaru (dressed as Roswaal), instead of Ram and Roswaal as he originally intended.

Eventually, the Felt Camp moved to Flanders, where a prostitute under the command of Toto was stabbed in the lung by a thin dagger. Ezzo Cadner tried to save her with his magic, which ended up not working. Throughout all the events in Flanders, it concluded with Ezzo joining the Felt Camp.


Magic User (魔法使い Maho Tsukai): Ezzo Cadner is able to use both Fire and Water Magic, however, his skill in Magic is rather subpar to the point that he was given the alias of Gray (灰色 Haiiro) as a sign of his inferiority among Mages. Ezzo has tried to learn how to fly with magic, but so far he has been unsuccessful.


  • White Fox's Nest (白狐の巣):
    Meteor - White Fox's Nest.jpg
    A Meteor which captures people and makes them do trials based on the owner's magical experience and mana. The targets can not escape unless the trial is finished or once the user considers that the subjects failed the trials and allow them to escape, the targets of the meteor cannot die within the trials. Once the trials start, more subjects cannot be imprisoned until the trials inside it are over either due to failure or success. He has used this meteor to imprison both Rem and Subaru at the same time in the past.
  • When activated, the person using meteor cannot use any magic, otherwise the person will be released from trial.