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The Fang of Iron (鉄の牙 Tetsu no Kiba) is a private military group from Kararagi. They are currently owned by Anastasia Hoshin and lead by the captain of the Fang of Iron, Ricardo Welkin and his vice-captains Mimi Pearlbaton, Hetaro Pearlbaton, and Tivey Pearlbaton. It is generally considered the most popular military force in Kararagi. They are tasked to transfer valuable goods and weapons to different locations that are ordered by the Hoshin Trading Company or battle in the front lines.

Unlike most of the army, the Fang of Iron has the largest number of demi-humans in the military, and while there are humans who do work with the Fang of Iron, the majority of the force are beast-humans. They consist of both sword wielders and magic casters.


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They work in various places such as from being hired as a bodyguard, to volunteer to fight in the war. Their services can also be bought by others, like Subaru, who hired them in his effort to gather an army to fight the Hakugei and the Sin Archbishop of Sloth.

Members of the Fang of Iron rode on a wolf-like creature called Ligers. They are often used to transport supplies from long distances. Although they are similar to Earth Dragons, Ligers lack strength, but they are more agile and have higher speed and endurance. They have a high chance of winning if the two were to ever needed to fight in melee combat. They are a somewhat rare type of species as they are often seen in Kararagi, but not anywhere else, especially not in Lugnica. Ligers are very territorial, so they can be difficult to raise.

The majority of members wear a white robe with yellow highlights and the Hoshin Trading Company logo written on the sleeves of the robes, and have animal ears on the hoods for beast-humans. Other members, such as Ricardo Welkin, were given a black shoulder guard with a red logo.

The Fang of Iron had been around for the longest time, it is whether or not that the Hoshin of the Wastes was the original founder of the organization.