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Faust (ファウスト) was a member of the Witch Cult that attacked Ram and Rem's village. He was also Sado and Fogg's master and the one who cut off Ram's horn, but was later killed by Ram's Wind Magic.


Faust was a large and muscular man with short hair and fine features. He smoked tobacco leaves.


As his hobby and profitable moneymaker, Faust took the initiative to spread the knowledge of fire making and put it into practice. Despite being a member of the Witch Cult, he had no interest in the organization at all, being only a member because it was convenient, and was therefore not an actual follower. He was shown to have sadistic tendencies, as the reason he attacked the Oni Village was because he wanted to smell Onis burn, and desires to go around and burn everything to the ground.


Around ten years ago, Faust, Sado, Sergei, and Fogg attacked the Oni Village.


Explosion Technique (爆裂術式): Faust manipulated mana, creating drifts around him, and placed the Explosion Technique inside of it, using the mana to cause an explosion. The technique itself is invisible and can be set up in a single motion, though it requires precise calculations and a calm use of the user's magic power. It can be triggered by the user or from outside stimulation.

Wind Reading: Faust was able to read the wind and taught Sado how to do so.