Felt (フェルト) is the girl who stole Emilia's insignia and a candidate to become the 42nd King of Lugnica.


Felt is a short girl with fair skin and medium-length golden hair with a black bow. She has a yaeba that becomes prominent when she laughs. She has red eyes and wears a black top, red scarf, and black pants that are incomplete on the left side, where she also wears a red ribbon. She also wears a vest, gloves, and brown shoes, and has a belt with a sheath where her knife is. Since Reinhard took her, he forces her to wear a yellow dress, white sleeves on his hands, boots, and an orange bun in the center of her hair to look presentable as a candidate for the throne in the Royal Election.

After the Royal Election Ceremony, Reinhard makes a new outfit for Felt. Just like her former outfit, it's very light. She wears a black top, a blue cape with her former cape being red, a leather brown jacket, boots of the same material, black leggings, a black belt, and a brown leather pants, which she wears on top of the leggings. She keeps a few pouches on her belt.

Her appearance is considered to be a sign of having royal blood. However, as all members of the royal family are currently deceased, there is currently no way to confirm if she actually is part of the royal family.


Felt is a stickler when it comes to money due to living in the slums and she hates losing. She cares about Rom and treats him like her real grandfather. She greatly trusts Rom's word, especially when it comes to appraisals in price.


Felt's Divine Protection

Divine Protection (加護 Kago): Felt has a currently unnamed Divine Protection which Elsa mentions is related to wind. Felt mentions that she's used to using this ability rather than relying on tools and weapons. The Divine Protection allows Felt to dash ahead as fast as the blink of an eye, exactly like the wind, releasing a gust of wind at the destination of Felt. It is shown that her Divine Protection can be used differently as well. During the "Stars That Make History" Arc, Felt has used her Divine Protection to climb up walls and buildings.

Melee fighter: From a young age, Felt has physically trained herself to become fully agile and strong at the time of fighting. She is so quick that she could steal the insignia from Emilia without her realizing it.

Equipment: Felt wields a knife. During the attack of the Witch Cult on Priestella, Felt has come into ownership of Echidna's Meteor Staff, which Rom received from Doltero Amule.


  • Felt is the name Rom gave her and isn't her real name. She doesn't know her real age either and claims to be around 15 at the start of the series. In arc 5, Ley tried to eat Felt's name but couldn't "eat" it because Felt is an alias name given to her. 
  • According to the author, Felt considers her birthday to be August 8, the day Rom found her.
  • According to the author, Felt is scheduled to appear in arc 8.
  • Felt's father is supposedly Ford Lugnica, a member of the royal family of Lugnica.
  • Felt's Earth Dragon's name is Romy. She's a bright red Diana Species earth dragon.
  • From Arc 5 onwards, Felt often refers to Subaru and Emilia as big brother (nii-chan) and big sister (nee-chan), reflecting Felt's deep appreciation for what they did for her and Rom in Arc 1.


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