Felt-chan Gathers Thugs (フェルトちゃん、チンピラを拾う) is a shop exclusive limited edition short story. This was later adapted and included in the Re:Zero Ootsuka Shinichirou Art Works Re:BOX.


Felt, Reinhard and Rom are on a carriage on their way back from the Royal Selection reunion, Rom and Reinhard have a cryptic conversation reguarding a kidnapping that happened years ago and the incident of the old royal guards being restructured.

Felt asks the carriage to stop at the loothouse in the slums, as Felt wishes to see what remained of it. While Felt is inspecting the slums with her camp, she finds the trio of thieves running away and badly injured. They decide to attempt to rob her to make enough money to get away from Lugnica, as they had attempted to trick Russell Fellow into a shady business and it did not end well for them, as they are now marked for death by him. Reinhard easily defeats one of them and would let them run away, until Felt intercepts the remaining 2 while scolding Reinhard, as letting them run away would mean they would be dead by Russell's capable henchman the next day, she then recruits the trio for her camp in hopes of using their help for ruining the country.




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