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The Felt Camp is a Royal Selection team that is led by Felt.


Felt stated and affirmed her hatred for the nobility, the knights, the kingdom and all classes. Possibly influenced by her life in the slums, added to the lack of actions of the politicians who could help her and the people in need but they did not, Felt swore that she would turn everything into ashes to, according to her, bring fresh air to the country.

Apparently she is putting together a Camp made up of some nobles who show her loyalty and people of the lower class like Rom, Ton, Chin and Kan, giving them the possibility that to reverse the political situation of the kingdom where the lower social class can govern over the current.


After the incident during Arc 1, Reinhard van Astrea notices the Insignia shining in Felt's hand and takes her into custody for the time being. The next morning, Felt wakes up in the Astrea House and there she finds Reinhard. He explains to her that she has the necessary qualities to become a queen.

During the Royal Selection Ceremony, Rom tries to retrieve Felt from the Selection, but fails, and instead joins the Felt Camp. After the ceremony, Reinhard requests Felt to recruit new members, and she recruits three thugs, Ton, Chin and Kan. Reinhard himself recruits the two granddaughters of Grimm Fauzen and Carol Remendis, Flam Remendis and Grassis Remendis

Between the fourth and fifth Arc, the Felt Camp went to visit Flanders. They met Ezzo Cadner there, and eventually invited him to join the camp.


Felt Camp