Flugel (フリューゲル) was a key figure in the sealing of the Witch of Envy 400 years ago. He was Shaula's teacher and the one who tasked her with guarding the Pleiades Watchtower.


Shaula mentioned that Flugel was a very smart person and yet was strong enough that he would have been able to kill Shaula if he so desired.


Flugel, Reid Astrea, Volcanica and Shaula met in Flanders, one of the five major cities of Lugnica.

Sometime later, Flugel, Reid and Volcanica succeeded in sealing Satella. Shaula and Flugel planted a seed at the Lifaus Highway a couple of years later which is now called The Flugel Tree.


Great Power: As Flugel had the power to potentially kill Shaula, Flugel had considerable power.


  • "Flügel" means "wings" in German.


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