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Ford Lugnica (フォルド・ルグニカ) was Randohal Lugnica's younger brother and is suspected to be Felt's father.


Ford has yet to appear in the story, but as a member of the royal family it can be assumed he had gold hair and red eyes.


Fourteen or so years before the start of the story, an incident occurred where the infant daughter of the King's younger brother was kidnapped by thieves who had snuck into his residence. The child was never recovered. Officially, the kidnapping was due to the error of the Royal Guards.

Strangely enough, the "incident" is one of the few events not recorded in the prophetic Dragon Tablet, a hint that there might be another side to the story that is not, or cannot be told.

Ford was carrying his baby with him and was talking with Rom and revealed that he had the same qualities as Fourier Lugnica unlike his older brother Randohal who didn't had the necessary qualities to become the Lion King. The conversation becomes briefly more intense until Ford entrusts Rom and handed over his baby to him. He mentioned that he felt anxiety about the future and wanted to keep his baby safe.