Fourier Lugnica (フーリエ・ルグニカ) was the Fourth Prince of Lugnica and the childhood friend of Crusch Karsten and Ferris.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Fourier has medium-length gold hair and scarlet eyes. He wears dress clothes along with a white coat that has fur along the collar. He has a yaeba that becomes prominent when he laughs.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Fourier was an energetic and magnanimous young man who appeared more self-assured and assertive than he actually was. That said he had a gentle caring heart and a very strong sense of responsibility that earned him the faith and trust of Crusch and Ferris. Moreover, he had the potential to be the current generation's "Lion King" due to his unusually sharp intuition that sometimes manifested which made him seem wise beyond his years. This trait of his only grew stronger as he matured over the years.

History[edit | edit source]

Although they would not properly meet until a little later, Fourier first beheld Crusch in royal palace's courtyard gardens when he was 14 years of age when he found her staring a budding blossom. He had been so transfixed by that moment in time, he had fallen for her at first sight but would too embarrassed to approach her. In the later weeks since then, he would sneak out in disguise to the same spot hoping to catch glimpse of her without Crusch being aware. However one day during his excisions he would accidentally had fallen into the garden alerting her to his presence for the first time. Thinking he was assailant after the royal family Crusch would pull a dagger out on him with intent to attack. After frantically clearing the misunderstanding and stopping Crusch for trying to take her own life out of shame they would become good friends. It was here that Fourier would exchange important promise with her that would influence Crusch's worldview.

A year later Fourier would meet also befriend Ferris and together the three of them; Fourier, Crusch and Ferris would go through the trials and tribulations of navigating high society over the years of their teenage to adult lives. From dealing with his arranged marriage to Tiriena, to supporting Crusch as she dealt conflicts of her womanhood and becoming the noble expected of her, to being Ferris' stalwart ally as he confronted elements of his dark past that still had lingering effects on his present. These experiences would reaffirm their eternal friendship to each other.

It would Fourier who recommend Ferris for knighthood and get him into the Royal Guard to better serve Crusch who was now coming into her own as the head of one of the most prominent noble houses of the country. It would show his keen understanding of how important it would be both their futures and the one he wanted. At age 20 he played an important role in the "House Argyle Incident" doing work behind scenes such as secretly keeping Reinhard on standby to clean up the loose ends, where the maturity of his leadership skills and forethought would be displayed which would serve to protect Ferris's place in House Karsten. However it be from that point where tragedy would strike he fall ill to mysterious diseases that had been affecting the royal family of late.

In spite of this, Fourier's condition would gain little national attention due to the commonality of the occurrence among the royals. A year later, he would still show no signs of improving despite the efforts of the Ferris and best healers from the Royal Institute of Healing. Despite this, Fourier would show surprisingly signs vitally, but it merely be front to keep from adding to Crusch worries who was facing increasing pressure in her political life as her duties mounted from crisis of the absence of royal family, a fact which Ferris also conspired to keep. One during her visit, Fourier would ask Crusch to take him outside. They would go to gardens where they first met then sit on the bench and Fourier would talk about his dreams for the future and the promise he made to her here. He would then finally admit his feelings for her and passed away peacefully on her lap.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Skilled Swordsman: Due to a silly and fairly one-sided vow Fourier made to Crusch at one point, for 6 years he would duel Crusch constantly. While he never truly bested her, the experiences revealed his talent for it and made him much stronger than an average knight.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • For her 17th Birthday, Fourier had gifted Crusch a jeweled pommel sword of finest bladework, which she took to battle against the Great Rabbit that had appeared on Fourtour Plains that day.

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