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Galic Fabless (ガリッチ・ファブレス) was Ferris's teacher and the healer that previously held the alias of Blue (青 Ao).


Galic Fabless was a wizened white haired old man. From the appearance of his blood-colored, poor skin, and his sunken cheeks, he was sometimes referred to his other alias. He was lanky and wore a white garment. Though he had a tendency to narrow his eyes in displeasure due to his nervousness, he had a weak spot in his fondness for frozen desserts.


Galic was a doctor who worked in Picoutatte during the events of the first Silver Flower Dance. He treated Veltol Astrea and with his skill with healing magic he was able to confine the curse to Veltol's arm. Following this display of proficiency, Galic was recommended for a position in the Royal Capital.

Galic met this offer with reluctance due to his son's mother living there. His son was born, not from love or marriage but out of a contract because that woman wanted his offspring in order to retain someone of his talents.

Galic Fabless was originally the doctor of Louanna Astrea when she was afflicted with a condition known as Sleeping Beauty (眠り姫 Nemurihime). Heinkel Astrea started to abuse Galic for not being able to heal Louanna. He later became Ferris' teacher as he would be the successor of his alias. Sometime later, Galic was stabbed by a disciple and died, which made Heinkel grieve to his death and was extremely sorry for losing his mind, concluding into becoming an alcoholic.


Magic User (魔法使い Maho Tsukai): As the former Blue, he can be considered as an extremely skilled Water Magic user.