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Gaoran Peixit (ガオラン・ペイシット Gaoran Peishitto) was a High Count of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia.

Gaoran has only made his brief appearance in The Land of the Wolves / Death unto the Weak, Mercy by None Zero Vincent side story, in which he was also killed by Louann Segmunt.


Due to his very brief appearance in a short side story, Gaoran hasn't been given an extensive physical description. He's described as a relatively old man with a large frame.


Gaoran was a somewhat naive and reckless Count, who was willing to send his entire army and his famed Sky Dragon Feyron into death, simply to have an opportunity to kill the Emperor. Furthermore, Gaoran seemingly wasn't that good of a tactician, as he marched straight towards the Crystal Palace, betting everyone's lives on a surprise attack, which obviously failed.


A couple of months following the 77th Emperor Vincent Vollachia's coronation, Gaoran sprung various insurgencies across the nation's larger cities, prompting Vincent to disperse the Nine Divine Generals away from the Crystal Palace which weakened its defences. Gaoran then gathered his troops and attacked the Crystal Palace head-on, betting it all on a surprise attack. His forces were quickly surrounded and taken out one by one by the defending armies led by Third-Class General Zikr Osman, while Gaoran was circling the battlefield on his Sky Dragon Feyron. After his dragon was shot down and killed, Gaoran encountered Vincent and blindly sprung towards him. Just as he was about to pierce the Emperor's chest, however, a slash deflected his halberd's end and another slash cut him down diagonally across his body, ending the High Count's life almost in an instant.

Following his death, Vincent ordered every one of Gaoran's captured troops the be executed on the spot, in order to demonstrate a point.


Halberd: Gaoran has been stated to be considerably skilled in wielding his halberd, though he was no match for Louann Segmunt's two rapid sword slashes.


  • Gaoran owned a Sky Dragon called Feyron. Due to his snow-white scales and eyes, Feyron was considered to be one of the most beautiful Sky Dragons in the Empire, further elevating Gaoran's special status. Sometimes, he even put his famous Sky Dragon on display for all others to marvel at its beauty. Sadly, Feyron was killed during the siege of the Crystal Palace, a few short months following Vincent's coronation and the subjugation of the Gladiator Island Ginunhive's rebellion.